About Us

What is WebhostingPriceWatch?

Searching for the right company to cater to your web hosting requirements can take a lot of time. It could take longer if you do the search all by yourself. How do you tell one company from another? Which promotional price will get you the most features? Answering these questions can be tricky. These hosting companies offer the same server resources and features for almost the same price. So what do you do? You can try reading all the hosting service reviews online but it won’t give you an accurate idea on how a company stacks against another. Plus, there are thousands of paid reviews out there that can mislead you into getting the wrong plan. So how do you know whom to trust?

We aim to help you make the right choice

With the help of Webhosting Price Watch, you receive an unbiased report on how these hosting companies operate. Plus, you get to see the tiny feature differences that could help lead you to signing up for the perfect hosting plan. Webhosting Price Watch is composed of entrepreneurs, bloggers, and web developers, who do extensive research on what hosting companies can really offer in terms of performance and reliability. We do not post any promotions or misdirection that can compel you to choose one company over another. We look into each and every company’s:

  • Reputation
  • History
  • Financial stability
  • Hosting plans
  • Features offered
  • Reliability
  • Price value

Our team has gone through exactly the same process as you. We started out looking for companies to host our own websites and discovered how hard it is to do it on our own. We know what information you need and work hard to supply them. Here is how we do it:

  • We do the testing on different plans so you don’t have to waste your time or money on the wrong one. We try out the various plans for a significant amount of time to see if all the promises are true and if the features can deliver what is needed.
  • We also read on other user feedbacks as well as endorsements.
  • After hours and days of collecting pertinent information, we post our own reviews in a manner that you, our readers, will easily understand. No use of jargons or too-technical terms that can lead to confusion.
  • We compile our findings in one website to make it easier for you to compare different hosting plans from all the popular hosting companies. By making side-by-side evaluations, you can accurately tell which company can provide you with the resources that you require.
  • We also keep you updated on any price changes on these plans so you are able to choose the one that can fit your web development budget perfectly.
  • We do not promote specific hosting companies because they paid us. We simply tell it as we see it. This is what sets Webhosting Price Watch apart from other review websites.
  • Besides reviews on hosting providers, we also post articles on topics we believe will help you create better websites. We know that the process doesn’t end after getting a hosting plan. Our writers look up and write about helpful tips and news that you will need to make an effective online store or an interesting blog. We have materials on search engine optimization, content management systems, and other topics that we think you’d be interested in.

We give you what you need right now

Our team’s goal is to give you all the necessary and accurate information you will need right now in order to make the best decisions for your website. We grant our readers immediate access to all of our researches and reviews. Unlike other 3rd-party review sites, we do not ask that you submit your own reviews or sign up for membership in order to read the contents on the website. All we ask for is your trust.

Contact us for questions, contributions, suggestions or comments

As mentioned, we do not require our readers to submit their own reviews, however, if you want to post your experiences with hosting companies, be sure to send us an email through [email protected] We definitely welcome your input. What you can share is invaluable to other readers who wish to find the hosting company that they can rely on.

But don’t just contact us about posting reviews. We love hearing from our readers. Whether it is a question about our reviews, a comment on our content, or suggestions on how we can improve our services, do not hesitate to contact us. Your thoughts can be of great assistance to us and to others. You can also bring new hosting companies to our attention. If you have discovered any newcomer in the industry but want to see how it will perform first, let us know immediately.