Blogs: The Definition

Blogs are web sites of writers, wherein they may pour their work in. For a photo blogger, blogging is all about sharing the world his or her art in the field of photography. For a video blogger, blogging is all about showing the world his or her art in videography. For an essay blogger, blogging is about sharing art through the means of words. But a blogger does not necessarily have to be one of these, because there are other passions. There are fashion bloggers, technology bloggers, novelty bloggers, and so much more. Starting a blog is as easy as finding your passion. And for those of you haven’t found their passion yet, why not blog about yourself and put up a personal blog?

Will Blogging Be Hard?

Blogging may be done for many purposes. Such as:

  • Business purposes – For those who would like to expand their market to those on cyberspace.
  • Sharing one’s passions – For photographers, videographers, and for other recreationalists.
  • Publicity – For businesses, personalities, etc. that wish to be more known by the public.
  • Etc.

Out of all these, personal blogging is probably the easiest. All you have to do is make your website yours with a design you like and post things that are about you. But for business and publicity websites – one person may not be enough. You’ve got to think of many factors and positions such as an accountant to do minor accounting for your business, an administrator to keep your website up to date, and maybe even a public relations officer so as to keep your blog well acquainted with your public. You can do this all by yourself, but it may be to tasking for just one person. So as early as now:

1. Plan what you’re website’s name will be.

2. Set a day for when you will post, for when you will check your website’s analytics, etc.

3. If you think putting up a blog would be tasking for you, have other people help you out.

4. As early as before you open your site, see to it that you have posts on queue. You would not want to keep your public waiting.

5. Determine what add-ons and features you’d like to purchase alongside the monthly web hosting fee.

Know What Your Blog Can Do with iPage

With iPage being one of the most popular web hosting providers available, will surely be able to help you put up your very own blog. iPage asks very modest rates, and in the earlier parts of your subscription with iPage you are even offered their rates at discounted prices. Listed below are a few things iPage will provide you with:

  • A Domain Name – On iPage, you get your domain name, free of charge, for an entire year! After that one year, you will have to choose whether to have your domain name renewed or changed. Having a domain name is very important to your website as it gives you your own space on the internet.
  • A Hosting Account – Without a hosting account, what’s there to host? After applying for a hosting account on iPage, iPage will then give you access to features like limitless data storage, limitless email accounts, access to WordPress, and a fully customizable web template
  • A Dashboard – A dashboard is where you do all administrative business on your website. Aside from being called the dashboard, it as well is referred to by many as the Admin Panel. The dashboard will be needed for you to be able to use other programs like Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal.