Money Back Guarantee with iPage

In any case you feel the need to choose a different web host for your site you can take the option of activating your iPage money-back guarantee feature. This is inclusive in your iPage hosting plan which you can fully take advantage of its benefits prior to commencing your transfer. For further details on this feature simply click on this link: for your iPage User Agreement or contact the iPage support team in activating and completing your claim.

iPage and its Hosting Packages

What can you do to get your site online right away? With iPage there are plenty things you can do to get your site that much needed online boost. A veteran when it comes to hosting, iPage provides over a decade of experience and know-how to its web developers as well as users. Along with its affordable rates at $1.99 per month comes its unmatched quality in service. For current promotions and discounts you may go to: and these are the inclusions in every basic iPage hosting package signed up for.

  • Anytime money-back guarantee
  • Free domain registration (for the first year)
  • An integrated site builder
  • A SimpleScripts applications installer
  • Unlimited MySQL databases
  • Unlimited disk space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited emails
  • Online Marketing

Can I Transfer My Site Away from iPage?

Some of you may ask this question “can I transfer my site away from iPage?” the answer is a Yes. If you choose to, you can surely get to transfer your site away from iPage hosting however be keen in reviewing your user agreement for terms and conditions that may apply. Among iPage’s handy features include anytime money-back guarantee which you can activate or claim especially before making your transfer to a new web host.

How to transfer your site from iPage

Here are some guidelines you can look at in order to make your transfer away from iPage or simply go through this direct link: ( for more details.

1. Your domain name has to be unlocked. Prior to transfer your domain name with iPage has to be unlocked first. Every web host provider takes precautionary measures against unauthorized or accidental site transfer even and this is why a site is locked upon registration.

2. Transfer Authorization Code. Domain registrar requirements when it comes to site transfers will vary so you need to always review terms and conditions set forth in your service term agreement. Obtaining a transfer authorization code is required to commence the requested site transfer process.

3. iPage Domain Central. Simply click on the “+” symbol beside the domain that you want transferred. This way you can be able to expand the domain settings menu.

4. Go to Overview Tab. Then simply click on “Domain Lock.” Another alternative is by selecting the Security tab. It will lead you to your menu where you will then click on the “Unlock Domain” button.

5. Email Confirmation. An email confirmation message will be sent after you are able to unlock your domain.

6. Domain Privacy. If you have domain privacy on your site you may opt to disable your domain privacy feature by going to the “Security” tab and clicking on the “Disable Domain Privacy” button.

7. iPage Control Panel. Go login to your iPage hosting account and access your iPage control panel.

8. Communicate with your New Web Host. Once you are able to unlock your iPage hosting domain, communicate with your new webhosting registrar to commence your transfer request to them.