The Windows Operating System

The Windows operating system was introduced back in the mid-1980s as a response to the public’s growing interest in graphical user interfaces. Microsoft Windows had soon overtaken Apple’s Mac OS, the latter being introduced a year earlier than the former, with a dominating market share of 90%. As the years had passed by, more and more versions of the operating system had come to be such as the:

  • Windows ’98,
  • Windows 2000,
  • Windows XP,
  • Windows Vista,
  • Windows 7,
  • and the newest version, Windows 8.

With the ever growing variety in operating systems, more and more technological advancements had entered society such as the smartphone, the ultrabook, and the tablet. These technologies give you all the strength of a regular computer – all packed in portability. The windows operating system has expanded to other varieties such as the Windows RT and Windows Phone 7.8 and 8.

iPage: An Overview

When the rise of the internet had come to, back even before the year 2000, a lot of people had wanted a place of their own in cyberspace. Webhosting providers then opened the doors for these people. The web is a place where you can find close to almost anything, pictures, videos, books, you can now even shop on the web. This ability had made people see how useful the web can be, especially for budding entrepreneurs. Now comesiPage, a company that has been running and servicing hundreds of thousands of websites since it was put up many, many years ago.

iPage has hosted and has been hosting tons and tons of websites for the past few years, and they continue to provide top of the line web hosting services to this day. iPage offers its users with many services, some exclusive to the iPage brand, some come free, and some come at a fee, such as: Weebly’s Drag and Drop Website Builder, A Money Back Guarantee, Domain Privacy, and Unlimited Bandwidth are a few features among many offered by iPage.

iPage and Windows

There’s no need to worry about website viewing, because any operating system with a working web browser and internet connection will surely be able to view your site. This means that your iPage-web hosted website will not only be visible to Windows users, but it may also be viewed by people who use other operating systems such as the Mac Operating System, the Linux Operating System, and the Google Chrome Operating System.

And yes, if you’re wondering whether if tablet operating systems and smart phone operating systems may gain access to your website, it can. These operating systems are often built with web browsers that may be used to view websites.

What Your System Needs

Smartphone operating systems, desktop operating systems, and tablet operating systems may all able to view your website using a web browser, but that does not entail that these systems may also open your website and achieve full-functionality of it. Viewing can be done easily, but accessing programs like Weebly’s Drag and Drop Website Builder and SiteDelux, should be met by certain requirements.

System Requirements:

1. For Windows Operating System viewers/users:
– A screen resolution of 800 by 600 will be the minimum screen resolution requirement for you to be able to use the abovementioned programs.
– The Windows 2000 version or later.
– The latest version of the Web Browser you are using.

2. For Mac Operating System viewers/users:
– You should be running a Mac Operating System version OSX 10.4 or later.
– The latest version of the Web Browser you are using.
These requirements will be needed for you to run the abovementioned programs easily and efficiently, without having to think of crashes. For website viewers, any good operating system with a working internet browser would do.