Doing some form of research is always relevant before making any decision. This is true for making the choice of which company to get for your website’s hosting requirements. In your research, you will arrive at forums and reviews that may talk badly about certain companies. Before you completely remove these companies from your list, make sure that you understand the negative feedback. Getting complaints is normal even for top companies like iPage. In this type of industry, even with the tightest security measures, best and latest hardware and software, and top caliber customer service, there is still something that is bound to go wrong. The key is to assess how the company addresses these issues.

Common negative feedback for iPage

As a top hosting service provider, iPage receives a lot of good reviews but there are instances when the customer’s feedback is not positive. Among iPage’s weaknesses is the lack of options when it comes to hosting plan. Customers are accustomed to having many hosting options so that they can choose the one that will best fit their needs. Here are some more complaints and issues that customers report regarding their experience with iPage:

  • Problem with billing:
    Some customers report that they were charged more than what they expected to pay. These billing problems stem from availing extra fees for services that are not included in the plan, as well as the failure to credit the coupons that the customer used. Another common problem is that the freebies cease to be free after the first year. Many customers are unaware of this and get surprised when they start getting charged for something that they assumed remains free. There are also instances when a customer gets billed multiple times for the use of certain services like the site building tools.
  • Problems with features
    Because of the lack of plan choices, the tools for the basic hosting plan offered by iPage are designed to cater to a wide variety of programmers. but it is more novice-friendly. This is why some advance features, like and SSH access support, is absent. There are also instances when the software fail to work for their iPage account.
  • Speed and downtime problems
    iPage periodically upgrades their system and conducts server maintenance, this leads to the slowing down of speed and some downtime.
  • Time it takes to avail of the money-back guarantee
    When customers decide to terminate their contract with iPage, some complain that the company takes too long in returning their payment.
  • Difficulties with the customer support
    There have been complaints that, despite promising round-the-clock help, it is difficult to reach the customer service representative via the phone lines. This is because the call centers are located outside the United States. Additionally, some customers complain of not getting sufficient help as some of the representatives lack the knowledge to address their problems.

How does iPage address the issues?

Being able to successfully address the problems and complaints filed against it as quickly as possible is a mark of a good company. iPage is noted for trying to solve problems swiftly. Of course, the problems that they can solve are those that are on their end. Here are some handy tips in avoiding problems and solving issues regarding your iPage account:

  • Do not skip the fine print. The terms of signing up for an iPage hosting account contains all the necessary information regarding how you will be billed for the services that you will avail.
  • Do not lose your coupon. Always keep a copy of all the proof of transactions, including coupons, which you used because this will serve as proof when you contest your bill.
  • If the phone lines are busy, try sending an email or opting for the chat support.

iPage has been around for a long time. The number of people signing up for hosting services with this company increases everyday. Even though there are issues with its billing, customer service, etc., there is a reason why millions choose to stay with iPage. The good aspects of signing up for their plan outweigh any inconveniences that the customers experience from time to time.