The worldwide web has many different opportunities readily available for everybody but every time an individual clicks on a link or access an email personal details are prone to exposure and possibly online identity theft.

Identity Theft Protection

When someone else uses your email accounts, facebook page, twitter account or Yahoo! and claims it to be theirs then you have fallen victim to what is called identity theft. This is an act of stealing another’s identity to deceive others. This criminal activity is unfortunately widespread over the internet where your personal information is accessed illegally. These details include your email address, name and especially credit card information. For this reason, companies offer identity theft protection for a monthly fee ranging between $10 and $20. Your accounts will then be monitored including credit reports and sends alert messages or notification in case of fraudulent transactions is found. Among the companies offering identity theft protection are:

  • TransUnion
  • LifeLock.

iPage Hosting

iPage is a web host provider and a veteran in the industry with platforms serving over a million websites. Also among the top 10 web hosting providers published in hosting review sites iPage has been a preferred provider because of its affordable rates and unmatched quality. Signing up with iPage hosting will give you the basic essentials that will get your site online such as: anytime money-back guarantee, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage space, free domain registration (for the first year), free SiteLock security suite, unlimited MySQL databases, plus email accounts, integrated site builder, applications installer, free online store, free marketing tools, free script library and free blog.

Does iPage have Identity Theft Protection?

NO, iPage does not provide identity theft protection service. iPage already has comprehensive web hosting and security features available as an add-on. iPage hosting mainly focuses on security with WHOIS Domain Privacy feature and its premium SSL Certificates feature. Basically these will do your site more benefit rather than an Identity Theft Protection option. Add-on features with iPage hosting includes premium SSL certificates, SEO services and directory listing, automatic site backup and recovery as well as Domain privacy.

iPage SSL Certificate

As previously mentioned you don’t need to have an identity theft protection especially with iPage hosting. The reason is quite simple iPage already has sufficient security measures for your domain. It also has an add-on feature called Premium SSL certificates which are issued by GeoTrust. You can install it quickly without needing a webmaster at your side. Here are the steps:
1. Use this direct link to commence installation:
2. Choose your site where you want the SSL premium certificate to be used on.
3. Add the scripting language below on every web page (as is):

• &lt;!– GeoTrust QuickSSL [tm] Smart  Icon tag. Do not edit. –&gt;<!– GeoTrust QuickSSL [tm] Smart  Icon tag. Do not edit. –>

• <script type=”text/javascript” src=”//” language=”javascript”></script>
• <!– end  GeoTrust Smart Icon tag –>

4. Access the premium registry server.
5. Access the SSL premium registration data.
6. You can now display the premium SSL certificate on your website.

Why WHOIS privacy is needed

While WHOIS database lookup serves an advantage when a reference or cross checking of domain information is required but it also poses threat over to domain registrars and owners in terms of the private information accessible to public view. Yes, WHOIS privacy is needed in order to keep your domain or private information openly reflecting in the WHOIS database for anyone to access easily. This is mainly concerning internet hazards such as spammers, information harvesting, identity theft and the like.

As records found in the WHOIS database are available to the public, anyone including those with criminal intentions can easily harvest private information. While some WHOIS queries make use of rate-limiting systems equipped with a challenge response test or known as CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing Test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) web hosting providers like iPage hosting offers Domain Privacy as an added security measure for your site. Note that optional features like the iPage domain privacy incur an additional cost as well.