Does iPage offer SEO Services?

iPage has been servicing people through website hosting since 1998. It is still known as one of the best, and it gives much consideration to clients in terms of their preferences. While each client already requires specific features on their own, one fo the most requested are the SEO Services from iPage.

What is SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is as the name suggests. It is the process of optimizing your web page to naturally appear on the top of the listing from the most-used search engines. While those results are usually requiring a rank of sorts to know their importance, experts utilize different concepts like your domain name or using keyword optimization for making sure that each result would garner more traffic to your web site.

Why would I want it?

  • Cost-effective
    Most search engines require payment for the user to put content on the top of their pages. Using SEO, you don’t need to pay a high amount to promote a simple web page, all you need is the knowledge of a few well-placed words for your website to recieve readers
  • Good marketing tool
    You don’t need to advertise your website for it to get customers, instead, you get more people who visit it just because of its visibility
  • Reputation
    You get the reputation slowly, but it’s more effective than other advertising tools. With this, you can guarantee your spot on the top of the listings
  • It stays forever
    Much like how people know a good website, they don’t forget it as easily. With SEO, you don’t need to keep reusing newer tactics every time, you can leave it be and it will still get attention on its own.
  • Trust
    People trust the search engine that they favor. If you successfully manage to get to the top of that list, those people will trust your website too. Almost all users click on the first result that they get from those search engines, and some don’t even look at the titles and go straight to the page.
  • You can manage it on your own
    This is the beauty of SEO, that you can learn the basics on your own. while other pages might give you hints and tricks, you get more of the effort and remember most of it to be used later. Each time you learn something, you don’t toss it away to be forgotten, you can keep using it forever.

What are the disadvantages?

  • It is not instant
    As mentioned before, it could take a lot of time before your website can get the amount of traffic needed for it to be trusted completely.
  • It is very competitive
    Some websites don’t even make it to the first ten pages, since big companies are now hiring professionals to do SEO.
  • It is unpredictable
    People are not mathematical equations. You wouldn;t know if one tactic can work on one and fail with another. Since SEO relies on people, you wouldn’t always get positive results.

How do I avoid these disadvantages?

You should know SEO fully before you try a hand at it. While small tidbits might be good to add to your website, there can be bigger changes to be made that you wouldn’t know until you studied it carefully. The best way is to learn search engine optimization on your own, even just the basics. Eventually, you will get to a level where your site is recognized by many people.

Another option is to know professionals who can give you good results at a price. With this method, you can fully experience the benefits of SEO without any of the effort.

iPage SEO

iPage’s SEO services cost $99 per month. They offer complete SEO Packages that include web content writing, linking, and monthly reporting. iPagehas SEO professionals under their employment with the ability to create original and significant content for your web page.