If you’re new to hosting or simply would like to switch domains iPage hosting is your practical option. You can get domain registration for free including domain transfer but only for the first year of your service term with iPage hosting. Visit www.ipage.com the official website or continue on with the below details.

Domain Names

Domain names technically pertain to binary numbers or your IP address (Internet Protocol Address). This is the series of numbers for example 171.17.354.2 that serves as identification for your website. But what your site visitors will view on their address bar is your domain name such as www.domani.com so you really need to give your domain name some thought. A domain name will impact how your target audience will receive your site and ultimately your products and services being offered. Deciding on your domain name allows you to get better recall plus it’s perfect for SEO and page ranking. Knowing what to look for in a domain name can be simple just refer to these three notable reasons:

  • Get a catchy domain name
  • Get a unique domain name
  • Get a domain name that is available for use

Among the most common TLDs used for a domain name is .com which is also known as a domain extension. Other extensions include .net, .org and .biz. You can also select and register your own domain directly with iPage hosting.

Domain Costs with iPage

Once you get your own domain name for the first year your next option would be renew your domain name with iPage or purchase a new domain from iPage or other domain registrars. Should you continue with iPage hosting you need to pay renewal costs which basically is the same as regular rate to reactivate your previous domain name. Note though that sometimes domain costs may vary and ranging between $9.99 to $34.95 per year depending on what domain extension (TLD or Top-Level Domain) you choose. A .com TLD costs around $14.99 annually and for a minimum term one year. For more of iPage’s domain prices just go to this link: www.ipage.com/product/domainRegistration.bml

How to manually renew your Domain with iPage

Maintaining your old domain name has its perks, first because you get to retain all your existing market and second you get to establish your brand. When your free for the first year promotion is up and close to expiring you can reactivate or renew your domain with iPage by following these steps:

1. Login to your iPage hosting account.
2. Go access your DomainCentral.
3. Click on the symbol “+” the one next to the domain name you want to renew. This will expand the domain settings.
4. Go to the “Overview” tab.
5. Click on the “Expiration” tab or directly click on the “Renew” tab.
6. There will be a drop down button, select the number of years you want to renew your domain.
7. An “Add Domain Privacy” option will be available. You can click on it but this is optional.
8. Click on “Renew.”
9. Fill in your payment detailss. You can use a credit card, debit card or via PayPal.
10. Check under “recent domains” for the status to reflect “successfully renewed.”
11. You may also check under “days left” to show the updated number of days remaining.

Besides the basic inclusions in your iPage hosting plans you can also activate add-on features like the automatic site backup and recovery, premium SSL certificates, directory listing and domain privacy. Further details can be found at http://www.ipage.com/hosting-features. You can as well get your latest promotions and discount links from iPage affiliates for details.