iPage Hosting Package

iPage hosting is a veteran in the industry of web hosting bringing a massive 10-year experience to its users since its rise in 1998. If you are a novice to hosting this is the right provider for your site because iPage provides quality service coupled with reasonably priced hosting at $1.99 per month. Advance users and web developers also prefer iPage hosting over other providers available in the market today. While iPage hosting fundamentally provides everything a site owner require to boost his site over the web it also has add-on features that you can have activated by requesting it through the iPage support team. You will find that its basic hosting package is sufficient in getting your website online. Here are some of the essentials included should you decide to sign up with iPage web hosting as follows:

  • Anytime money back guaranteed
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited disk space
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • A free domain registration (only for the first year)
  • Unlimited MySQL databases
  • Applications installer (iPage SimpleScripts)
  • Integrated site builder

iPage Green Badge

Every iPage hosted site will wear its Green Badge and proudly. This is iPage hosting’s way of giving back to society through its support towards the green technology and its advocacy. Running on wind energy enormously help in reducing the servers damaging effects to the environment. It is a harmless and green source of renewable energy and in the same way its green badge proactively promotes the use and importance of green technology in its impact to our environment. To ensure that iPage hosting is a green certificate holder you may browse www.ipage.com/green/green-certified.bml?domain=your-domain.com.

Web hosts utilize huge servers which in turn emit massive greenhouse gasses by means of conventional energy sources. But with Green technology it reduces the environmental damage and safety risks for everyone and you only need to purchase renewable energy certificates (REC) to help out. With your iPage hosted site the green badge offsets as much as 200% energy used on its servers which confidently provides the following support:

  • 100% wind energy used on iPage hosted sites
  • Green Badge on iPage hosted sites
  • Green marketing campaign
  • Green Technology Certicficates

Credit Card Payments on iPage

Online payments are much easier than the conventional over the counter payments. Why? because it simplifies the process and allows faster transaction time. A credit card or plastic is the most common payment method you can utilize over the internet. This practice also provides convenience for both site owners and customers alike. For your iPage hosted site credit card payments are accepted via its iPayment solution. To get acquainted on this process follow these instructions to sign up with iPage’s iPayment solution:

1. First you need to be logged in to your iPage account.
2. Access your iPage control panel.
3. Click the ”iPayment” button under the ecommerce section.
4. When you click on the “Apply Now” button, it commences your application process.
5. Wait for your approval.

When approval is received, you may begin integrating every iPayment with your iPage hosted site. You can now start receiving credit card payments on your website. Follow these steps to properly set up:

1. Go to your ShopSite and log in.
2. When the “Payment” button is up, click on it.
3. Select the “Commerce” button from the icon bar.
4. Choose which types of credit cards your site accepts for online payments.
5. You need to scroll down.
6. When the “Authorize.net” radio button is up, click on it.
7. Choose the “Configure Processor” button.
8. Fill in the iPayment form to be completed.