iPage Hosting Benefits

In today’s technological age you can find anything online including your choice of web hosting provider. You only need to be vigilant in looking for a provider that fits your budget while giving the right quality and delivery on service. You also need to consider other necessities that your site requires to reaching your target market and page rank. You can start with online promotions and discounts via www.ipage.com.
A known leader in the hosting industry iPage has been hosting websites since its birth in 1998. Its platforms serve over a million domains to this date. iPage hosting is also preferred by web developers as well as its users for its decade long expertise and background coupled with the basic services. Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy as follows:

  • iPage DomainCentral. You can start managing your domains right away using your iPage DomainCentral
  • iPage Domain Privacy. You can also choose to get an add-on feature for your site called Domain privacy to further protect sensitive information coming in and out of your website
  • Green Technology. You can help preserve the environment as every iPage hosted site runs on Green-certified technology
  • Easy Access under One Username. You don’t have to worry about keeping multiple usernames for your domains and your hosting because with iPage you can manage it both under a single username
  • Green Marketing Campaign. Support this advocacy by making use of the iPage Green marketing campaign for your site
  • Domain Name Servers. You will be able to use DNS service or a domain Name servers with iPage hosting

iPage Hosting

A trusted name in the web hosting industry, iPage is a leader in hosting by providing its many web developers and users with affordable and quality hosting service. It caters to different hosting needs whether you are new to hosting or an advance user. Signing up with an iPage essential package will give you what your website fundamentally needs to get your business running online. Here are some of the basic stuff you will receive on your iPage hosting plan as follows:

  • Free SiteLock security suite
  • Free point and click site builder
  • Get Unlimited hosting space
  • Free domain registration (for the first year)
  • Get Unlimited data transfer
  • Host unlimited domains
  • Free online store, blog and script library

Going from FatCow Hosting to iPage Hosting

If you are looking for alternative web host that can bring affordable yet quality service for your website iPage hosting is a viable provider. Should you ask if you can be allowed to transfer from FatCow to iPage? You surely can do so and all you need to commence are these steps as follows:

1. Get your domain name with FatCow hosting unlocked.
2. You need to be logged in to your iPage hosting account.
3. Go to your control panel with iPage.
4. Access your iPage Domain Central.
5. Under the “Add Domain Name” field fill in the required details.
6. Then go click on the “Add” button.
7. When you see your domain name under the Domain Central listing continue to click on “More Info”.
8. You will be asked to get an authorization code, place it in the text box.
9. Continue with the transfer request by clicking on the “Transfer to iPage” button.
10. Complete your site transfer request by following the next instructions found in your administrative email.

If you already have an existing domain name its ok, you can transfer your site to iPage hosting by following the same steps mentioned but instead of “Add domain name” select the “Add an existing domain” radio button for step 3. However, note that free domain name registration is only valid for one domain and for the first year of your service term. So please be reminded of your domain renewal and the required costs which will be the same as the regular rate of iPage domains. Click on http://www.ipage.com/product/domainRegistration.bml for iPage’s domain pricing information.