Defining Domain Name

What’s a domain name? A domain name is the online equivalent to a place’s name. See how there are different places in the world and that they either have close to identical or different cultures. Well same goes with the cyber world. Domain names are places in which information is stored. A few popular domain names are facebook, twitter, tumblr, etc. These domain names have one thing in common – they’re all social networking sites.

There are many types of websites. There are social networking sites as mentioned above, there are informative websites such as national geographic and wikipedia, there are online game websites such as y8 and addictinggames, and so much more.

Do you notice that suffix at the end of each domain name? Well there are several of those, namely:

1. .com

2. .net

3. .org

4. .biz

5. .me

6. Others

These domain extensions are bought from Domain Registrars. These domain registrars register these domain extensions to your domain name with a certain fee. iPage users are fortunate since they no longer need to look for a qualified domain registrar since iPage already is one.

Domain Names and Publicity

As it was mentioned above, domain names are just like places. Buying them is kind of the same thing too. When buying your own, original space, you won’t be asked as much. But the better the publicity a domain already has, the more expensive it will be. For example, you don’t want to get your own domain name; you want a name that’s already popular, like Facebook. But buying the facebook domain name won’t come cheap, you’ll be charged millions and millions of dollars since facebook has about a billion users. But for those of you who don’t mind building their own publicity for their website, then you could get your own original domain name – which won’t cost you as much. To be honest, next to facebook’s price tag, it will seem like nothing at all.

Domain Name Costs

Domain names don’t come at a universal price tag; to each, its own. This meaning there are different price tags that would depend on your domain name. The average domain name fee will cost you about $ 10 a year. For those of you who want more than just one domain name, the better, because there are domain registrars that offer discounts to bulk domain name purchases.
These are the prices on iPage:

  • These domain names will cost you fourteen dollars and ninety nine cents ($ 14.99): .com, .us, .org, .biz
  • This domain name will cost you nine dollars and ninety nine cents ($ 9.99): .net
  • This domain name will cost you twenty five dollars and ninety eight cents ($ 25.98), but unlike the other domain names, this price will be at a two year time frame:
  • This domain name will cost you thirty four dollars and ninety five cents ($ 34.95): .tv

iPage Promos

iPage is home to many web hosting features such as:

1. Weebly’s Drag and Drop Website Builder – This drag and drop website builder program will allow amateur internet users to build and to design their own websites with ease, and without having to know complicated CSS and HTML coding.

2. Money Back Guarantee – This is iPage’s promise to all of its credit card paying users. That if by any chance you find that you’d rather a different web host, or maybe owning a website just isn’t for you, you may opt to back out and get your money back.

3. Other features – iPage has tons of features, like unlimited bandwidth, MySQL Databases, SiteDelux, and so much more.