iPage Hosting Plans

iPage hosting plans already provides you with everything you will need to getting your site online. Bringing over a decade of knowledge, experience and expertise, iPage is considered a veteran in the industry and highly preferred by its numerous users and web developers. This is mainly because of iPage’s affordable services and unmatched quality starting at $1.89 per month. When you choose to sign up with iPage hosting and get one of its plans you will get the following essentials:

  • Anytime money-back guarantee
  • vDeck control panel
  • domain name registration (first year free)
  • Free advertising credits
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited hosting space
  • Unlimited MySQL databases
  • SimpleScripts installer
  • SiteLock Security
  • Free online marketing

Should you wish to upgrade your basic iPage hosting plan you can do so by calling the iPage support team for activation of any of the following add-on features: Automatic Site Backup and Recovery, Directory Listing and SEO Services, Domain Privacy and Premium SSL certificates.

What is iPage SiteLock

iPage SiteLock is a security system that serves as protection to your website, enhances safety and increases credibility because it shows your visitors how safe your site is by reflecting the “SiteLock Secure Badge” after scanning, identifying malware and other threats commonly found over the worldwide web. You can get your SiteLock security for an annual fee of $39.99 which you can easily configure to your website if you haven’t yet completed it just simply click on this link to directly view the guidelines and steps:

For any other queries you may have about iPage or its SiteLock security feature simply contact the iPage support team via phone, chat or email on a 24×7 availability.

Green Technology on iPage

The environment has been taking care of everyone all over the globe and with the renaissance of technological era the web hosting industry is among those who feel it’s high time to return the favor. It’s no longer just up to environmental organizations like Green Peace or Scorecard that sends a message loud and clear about preserving and saving the environment. People behind today’s technology is now raising awareness and taking action in order to contribute to the environment’s protection.

iPage hosting supports and utilizes Green Hosting or eco hosting as a means to give back to the environment. In this form of web hosting harmful effects of web server emissions are greatly reduced through what is called Green Technologies. A common goal is shared and continuously conveyed all over the web hosting industry and all over the globe with Environment – friendly technology. It ultimately aims to protect and save our environment.

Green Badge on Your iPag e hosted Site

Because web servers are huge machines its emissions harmful to the environment is bigger as well but with awareness raised and measures taken to prevent further destruction more and more ways to reduce its adverse effects. You as users and web developers can do something about it and help out through the use of the iPage Green technology.
By simply wearing the iPage Green Badge on your websites you are helping reduce the servers’ harmful effects to our environment. iPage runs on 100% wind energy and this is a safe as well as green source of renewable energy that powers your website. You only need to look for the Green Certificate and iPage Green Badge to verify safe energy being utilized your iPage hosted site. Green marketing campaign is also available as an added benefit to your online business.