Getting Into the Web Industry

Many people out there use the internet to share their passions whether it’s photography, videography, film, technology, science, pop culture, etc. These people use the internet as a medium of publicity wherein the posts they share will be seen by people with the same interests. There are also people who just want to put up a blog, and make it their own. There are even people who get fame from this. Anyway, aside from these types of online users, there are also people who use the internet as a way to gain profit. This isn’t a bad idea at all since the internet has accounted for billions of dollars every year.

The Webhost iPage

Don’t know iPage? Well the first thing you have to know about iPage is that it is a webhosting company aimed at providing high quality web hosting to all of its users.
Other things to know about iPage:

  • The web hosting company has served hundreds of thousands of websites to date.
  • It offers many distinct features such as Weebly’s Drag and Drop Website Builder
  • iPage boasts to be the only web host that offers a money back guarantee to its users.
  • iPage has been in the web hosting industry for years, and counting.
  • Etc.

iPage Promotions and Discounts

iPage not only boasts a lot of features, but the web host also boasts a good bargain to its customers. For credit card users, there’s the money back guarantee. For people who opt to pay for the long term packages, there’s this offered discount for fees. To further elaborate, whenever you opt to buy a one year subscription to iPage’s services, you pay the rate of $3.50 per month. After your first try and once you wish to renew your account, you will have to pay the regular rate of $7.99 a month. This is why it would be best if you get the three year subscription, so that you maximize the discounted web hosting fee. You also get a discount for your first three months on iPage – all you need to pay is a small price of $1.99.

Other services:

1. Users get to use Weebly, iPage’s rented Drag and Drop Website Builder – This gives you the ability to design your website with utter ease and convenience. You also get to design a beautiful website without having to know HTML or CSS coding.

2. Unlimited bandwidth – You get to maximize the bandwidth you use. This means, you never have to regularly monitor your bandwidth.

3. A domain name for one year, free of charge – A domain name can really cost you, which is why a one year free of charge domain name really helps with keeping in line with a budget.

4. Unlimited MySQL databases.

5. Etc.

Payment Options

iPage accepts debit card, credit card, and paypal as payment options. Although it is best if you pay with your credit card, because iPage’s money back guarantee only covers users who pay via credit card.
For steps on how to select your payment option, refer to the instruction below:

1. Go to iPage, sing up or sign in.

2. For users who just signed up, you will then be asked to select a domain name.

3. You will then be asked for your billing information. Key in all information in the designated areas. Your information will be kept safe and private by iPage, there’s no need to worry.

4. You will then see the Payment Information tab. Select credit card, debit card, or paypal.

5. Click “Check-out” and you’re done!

After finishing this step by step instruction, you’re sure to have set your payment option on iPage.