iPage includes a money-back guarantee feature to its basic hosting package which is great because this allows you to get a full refund of what you have paid for should you find the product or service unsatisfactory or does not quite cover your requirements. Make sure to always read your terms and conditions inclusive in this privilege because it will only be available within a 30-day period after the purchase.

Why sign up with iPage?

iPage web hosting provider is a leader in the industry and brings over a decade of experience and know-how to its users and web developers. There are two notable things you can look forward to when signing up with iPage hosting; one is Affordable rates and two is its unmatched quality. This is basically the key points why iPage is preferred by web developers as well as users. Today, iPage has platform that is serving over millions of websites and even thousands more new everyday.

You can basically get the things you need for your site to get online in an iPage essential hosting plan such as:

  • anytime money-back guarantee
  • unlimited storage space
  • unlimited bandwidth
  • free domain name registration (for the first year)
  • free domain transfer (for the first year)
  • one-click web applications installer
  • integrated web server
  • scripts and applications installer

iPage hosting allows you to activate add-on features for your site as an alternate option. These add-on features include the automatic site backup and recovery, iPage domain privacy, premium SSL certificates, and the SEO and directory listing. Simply go browse www.ipage.com for online sale and discounts or more details about these add-on features.

iPage User Agreement Policy

When signing up for anything always read through the setforth terms and conditions thoroughly to avoid any future concerns. With iPage hosting part of its agreement includes the statement that says both parties can terminate or cancel service any time provided a 30-day written notice is presented. You can find this agreement in section 2 (b), under the subparagraph i in your iPage User Agreement should you wish to review in detail.

Be reminded as well that iPage’s money-back guarantee feature is only applicable to accounts purchased through credit cards. It means that you also have to be eligible for this feature in order to make a claim should you find the service unsatisfactory. There is also a cancellation fee of $35.00 if cancellation is done outside the specified 30-day period.

With 30-day Money-back Guarantee

If you are however able to stay within the terms of your user agreement you will not be obliged to pay the $35.00 cancellation fee. According to the iPage user agreement in its section 2 (b) and under the subparagraph I, the cancellation fee does not apply if your cancellation of service falls within the period of thirty (30) days.

A full refund will be processed of all the hosting fees you’ve paid for except for the following:

(1) The domain registration fees paid
(2) Any fees made on additional services purchased within the first thirty (30) days.

iPage Free Domain Registration

As previously mentioned you can get free domain registration and free domain transfer for the first year with iPage hosting but note that domain costs vary and it can reach up to $15 per year. Using your iPage DomainCentral you will be able to easily manage and have full control of all your domains using a single username under one place. Using your iPage SimpleScripts installer you be able to add applications and scripts that your site requires. The following applications works well with your iPage hosted site like Joomla, Drupal and WordPress.