The internet runs on a variety of interconnected networks that serve millions if not billions of users all over the globe. It has many different users ranging from the private sector, government, public, business and or the academe utilizing a broad range of wireless networking technologies. With the rise of the internet it gave birth to many opportunities including broader reach in terms of target market as well as working hour’s flexibility. The worldwide web takes away the usual barriers and costs especially for business transactions. Today, everything only takes one simple click away to completing a transaction and provides a much faster turn around time in receiving products and services.

What is an IP Address?

How does the internet get everyone connected from different parts of the globe with but a few clicks on the mouse? And how do you get your site have better recall to gain reputable ranking and SEO? IP Address answers for both queries. An IP address or otherwise known as Internet Protocol plays a key role in computer networks and its functions because it allows communication from one network to another possible and seamless. Simply put, an IP address is the technical equivalent of your domain name but instead of your site for example usually reflected on your address bar it represents the binary codes of your site. This will commonly consist of the following details:

1. Domain Name. A domain name is the name you create for your website and tells your visitors what your website is called and provides better recall.

2. Site Address. This specifies where your website is or where your site can be found or located regardless of which part of the globe it may originate.

3. Route. A route pertains to the direction or how you can get there. This basically provides that trail of network information that tells you how to get to a specific website.

An IP address consists of a series of numbers such as while a domain name will be shown on your address bar as Your domain name makes a great impact to your site’s ranking and SEO so make sure when deciding on a name for your website catchy and uniqueness should be the considered characteristics.

What is iPage Hosting About?

There are many different web hosting providers you can find over the web today but what makes iPage hosting stand out? iPage web hosting firstly offers over a decade of expertise and experience to its users, secondly, iPage provides hosting packages at a very reasonable rate starting at $1.99 per month and last but not least, iPage offers unmatched quality and this is among the numerous reasons it is highly preferred by its users as well as web developers alike.

iPage web hosting provides the basic things you will need to get your site online quick and easy. It doesn’t matter if you are new to web hosting or a web master because it caters to a wide array of features, basic or otherwise. When signing up with iPage hosting you will receive the following basic features:

  • anytime money-back guarantee
  • An unlimited hosting space
  • An unlimited bandwidth
  • A free domain name registration (covers first year only)
  • A free domain transfer (covers first year only)
  • A web applications installer
  • An integrated web builder
  • An applications and scripts installer
  • A green technology marketing campaign

Dedicated and Shared Hosting

Some of you may be wondering if iPage hosting offers a dedicated IP address, to answer this, it’s a NO. iPage does not offer a dedicated IP address because what it has is Virtual hosting or Shared hosting which is more affordable than the one with a dedicated IP address. Take a look at the differences between a dedicated hosting versus a shared hosting:

1. Dedicated Hosting– this is where an entire server is leased and assigned solely to one hosting account. This is best for websites that requires more bandwidths and hosting space capacities especially if your site needs it for videos and stuff. Note however that since the server leased to you is entirely dedicated to a single account (your account) expect a huge difference in payment rates compared to having shared hosting.

2. Shared Hosting– this is also referred to as Vitual Hosting and commonly being offered by web hosting providers in the market today. This is much more economical than a dedicated hosting for website owners. Since your website’s server “sits” along with other websites hosted by iPage the overall lease cost for one server is then divided among the hosting accounts sharing it.