What Are Website Templates?

Templates are pre-made outlines either published with a certain program, or was made by a certain person for future use. These templates follow certain themes, and are highly customizable. With templates, there’s no need to think about the design of every nook and cranny of your website, all you have to do is correct certain features you think look off, or edit the template for further design add-ons. These templates are often professionally designed, to match certain themes. Some templates are made with simplistic colors and with seamless cuts – for a toned down, professional look. There are also other templates that are made with a certain color palette. One example is that of pro-earth and anti-pollution websites which use a wide array of green and white.

iPage’s Design Program

If you aren’t new to the whole webhosting thing and know a lot about web hosts and design programs, then surely you know Weebly’s Drag and Drop Website Builder. The Weebly-owned Drag and Drop Website Builder program is a program used not only by iPage, but by many other webhosts as well. Weebly, a web hosting provider in its own right, has made its Drag and Drop Website Builder program available for rent by other web hosts due to the fact that the program boasts a lot of potential – and Weebly is surely making a profit out of it.

But why would iPage users need Weebly’s Drag and Drop Website Builder? Here are a few reasons why:

  • Designing a website with Weebly’s Drag and Drop Website Builder program is as easy doing a few clicks, drags, and drops.
  • Users will not find the needs to know all about the complications of CSS and HTML coding.
  • Designing websites will no longer be as tasking and time-consuming.
  • Produce professionally and artistically designed websites without any hassle.

Using Weebly’s Drag and Drop Website Builder

The following are the steps you will undergo when using Weebly’s Drag and Drop Website Builder program:

1. Forming your website title – When thinking of a website title, make sure it’s relevant to the content of your website. If you’re putting up a personal blog, why no use your name as a title? But for those of you who are putting up an online business, why not put your business’ name as your website’s title? Just remember, make sure it’s relevant to your content, catchy, and captivating – it’s the first aspect of your website visitors will see.

2. Selecting your domain name – Just like your website title, make sure your domain name is relevant to the content of your website. Many people and companies opt to use their website’s title as their domain name. This isn’t a problem at all, especially if you’re starting an online business or news website, just be careful when choosing a domain name because having it changed over and over can be very costly.

3. Designing your website – This is where Weebly’s Drag and Drop builder comes in. With Weebly’s capabilities, all you have to do is select a color palette, assign appropriate places for text boxes, images, colors, and the like, and you’re done. The program will do all the complicated coding for you; all you have to do is design by dragging and dropping.

A Take on Design

Here are a few tips on designing your website:

  • When designing your website, see to it that you keep everything relevant to what you advocate and/or the substance of your website.
  • Don’t overdo designing, sometimes less is more.
  • Don’t underdo designing either. Nobody likes under-designed websites.
  • Stay true to your brand and keep the theme of your design in tune with what your website is about.