In creating your very own website, there are a lot of things that you need to think about. One of these things is the choice of scripting language. Scripting language is a language that is embedded in an HTML code enabling the programmer to use different styles of menus, use graphic displays, or to flash dynamic advertisements. When it comes to scripting language, one of the most popular is PHP. The latest version of PHP can be installed in your iPage account to help you create a functional and interesting site.

What is PHP for?

Web developers use PHP for creating “dynamic” pages. This means that the content of the web page changes based on whatever parameters is dictated by a program or the user. With just a short script inserted, a developer can automatically elements on a webpage. PHP is also used for:

  • data collection
  • Setting cookies
  • Connecting the website to MySQL

PHP is extremely flexible. Besides the ones mentioned above, it can also be used to generate graphics, check for errors, make calculations, or add, delete, and change information on the website’s database. There are so many things that a developer can do with PHP scripts in order to keep a website highly functional and attractive to viewers.

Why use PHP?

There is nothing more boring that a static website. Viewers are always looking for something new. If they see that nothing changes on your website, chances are, they would not come back. In order to attract and keep viewers, you need to be able to update your webpages as quickly and as often as possible. With PHP, elements can be changed, deleted, or added easily. PHP is also an open-source language so you don’t need to pay in order to use it. As for compatibility, PHP can run on Linux, Mac, or Windows OS. Finally, since it doesn’t take much space when embedded, PHP can save you much needed system resources.

Can PHP be used on iPage?

A lot of webhosting companies offer quality PHP hosting but if you are looking for affordable, reliable, and feature-packed hosting, you need to consider iPage. You can use either the 4.0 or 5.0 version of PHP with your iPage account. On top of this, iPage automatically conducts updates so that you won’t have to worry about compatibility issues and complications if PHP comes with a newer version. You can access PHP through your account’s control panel. You can find it under the My Admin option. Should you require more help, there are a lot of PHP related tutorials on iPage’s knowledgebase. If what you need is not on iPage’s help center, you can always do a search online. There are a lot of online tutorials and forums discussing various helpful tips and hints in using PHP.

Some things to remember in using PHP

If you are a budding web developer, it is advisable that you use the latest PHP version because the other versions are meant for more experienced users. If you feel that you need more help, it may be a good idea to look through examples of PHP scripts. It is also advisable that you read documentations as reference. Here are more tips to using PHP:

1. Check the required runtime and memory. It is necessary that you have 64MB of memory for applications and a runtime of 60 seconds. Anything less, or more in the case of runtime, then the script will stop automatically.

2. You need to know how your PHP scripts work because iPage does not have support for scripts that are custom made. It may be necessary to hire a developer that knows his or her way around PHP scripts.