Free Webhosting Plans

Blogging is among the most amazing tools of communication that started the rise of online communities popularly known in the worldwide web today. With it came increasing demands for products and services like that of iPage webhosting. While there are free webhosting plans available online that prove suitable for individuals new to hosting it is still best to keenly read on details. This ensures understanding and awareness on whatever conditions that may apply just like the terms and conditions with that of in the iPage parked domains or like that of in the iPage free plans.

What iPage Web Hosting Offers

iPage brings over 10 years of experience and expertise to its users and web developers when it comes to hosting and its remarkable services. A leader in the web hosting industry, iPage is unmatched in its quality of service coupled with its inconceivably low rates at $1.99 per month. Getting your own iPage basic package will give you hosting essentials you’ll need for creating an effective website online and one you can call your very own. In your iPage hosting package you will be able to utilize the following to get your business up and running over the web:

  • Free Blog
  • Free domain name registration
  • Free Online Store
  • Free website builder
  • Free Site Lock Security Suite
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited storage space
  • Online Marketing Tools
  • Anytime money-back guarantee
  • SimpleScripts installer

iPage Paid Account

The iPage free plans will definitely provide your site that much needed boost but as an alternative you may also benefit from an iPage paid account. It includes added security features that will help keep your site free from unwanted ads. Such advertisements may include newsletters, annoying pop-ups, web banners that could hinder your possible site visitors from quickly getting to your site. While both free plans and iPage paid accounts provide its users noticeable benefits, in the end it’s still about what you decide to go with for your site.

Ads on iPage Hosted Sites

YES, iPage may place ads to your website but only under these TWO circumstances: if (a) You are registered in its Free Plan; or if (b) You are registered to iPage’s Parked Domain Services. But if you do not want any form of ads placed in your site make sure to carefully choose your hosting plans when setting it up with the iPage support team.

a. iPage Free Plans. When you sign up with iPage’s free plan Section 3(i) from the iPage user agreement will be applicable to your site. It is stated in that section of the agreement that free web hosting services MAY take in advertisement. This also pertains to any third party vendor and your site will be placed with pop-ups and banners. In any case, a comparison of commercially hosted sites will help you make a decision on whether or not to take the free plan vs the paid accounts. Click on this link: for iPage hosted sites.

b. The iPage Parked Domain Services. In this instance, iPage hosting reserves the right to place ads into your website if you have a Parked Domain Services registered and this agreement is specified in this link: In this kind of service your site does not utilize web services but instead simply reserves and registers the domain. Moreover, your domain will not at all have any content as it is only parked momentarily until YOU decide to utilize it later on. While you will still have full control and discretion because it is after all your site note however, that whatever is earned for example from adsgo to iPage through your parked domain voids any right to compensation since it does not involve the site owner or lessee. Again, carefully review your iPage User Agreement for any queries or clarifications.