What is SiteLock and why is it important?

The internet has grown exponentially that, literally, hundreds of websites are being created daily. This growth which has linked computers and websites all around the world has exposed websites to the vulnerability of being attacked. Threats like viruses, malwares, spammers and malicious wares constantly threaten websites and businesses. To protect your business, security of your website must be tightened and should become the topmost concern. This is the reason why SiteLock is important for websites, especially for businesses.

SiteLock is a security company that is employed by iPage to protect its websites. It comes with the experience of protecting data and assures safe communication between clients and sites. Together, iPage and SiteLock assures clients that their websites are safe and secure. To ensure that you and the visitors of your website are safe, iPage SiteLock displays a “SiteLock Secure Badge” in your website, which basically means that iPage SiteLock is working to protect your website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and that the website is protected against identity theft and unauthorized disclosure of information and other forms of attacks.

How much does iPage SiteLock cost and what does it each offer?

iPage SiteLock offers four plan options to choose from: the SiteLock Basic, the SiteLock Professional, the SiteLock Premium and the SiteLock Enterprise. Basically, all SiteLock Plans offer the same protection against malware and data theft, such as:

  • Daily Malware Scans;
  • Anti-Spam email Monitoring;
  • Business Validation;
  • Site Certification / Site Secure Badge;
  • Blacklist Monitoring; and
  • SQL, XSS and website app scans.

However, the higher the amount of the plan, the more perks will it bring. Here is the list of the amounts of each SiteLock Plan including what they offer:

  • SiteLock Basic – $1.16/mo ($14.95 for 1 year) – This plan is recommended for novice users. Aside from the standard features, its offer includes:
    o Early alert system for identifying potential threats
    o One-time vulnerability scan
    o Protection for 25 pages
  • SiteLock Professional Plan – $3.10/mo. ($39.99 for 1 year) Aside from the standard features, it offers:
    o Automatic Removal of Malware
    o Daily FTP Scans
    o File Change Monitoring
    o Protects up to 100 pages
  • SiteLock Premium Plan – $4.65/mo ( $59.99 for 1 year). This plan is recommended for dynamic and database powered websites that uses WordPress or other open-source programs. It has the same standard features, plus all the features offered by the Professional Plan, plus:
    o An on-going vulnerability plan
    o Protection for up to 500 pages
  • SiteLock Enterprise – $15.50/mo. ($199.99 for 1 year) Enterprise is recommended for businesses that are actively expanding their online presence. It has all the standard features, plus the Premium plan features, plus:
    o An-ongoing vulnerability scan
    o Protection for 2,500 pages

Though you have choices of SiteLock plans to choose from, iPage Host is offering SiteLock for free once you purchase its Great Hosting Plan for $1.99 a month for the first three months.

What are the benefits and perks that iPage SiteLock bring?

Aside from the security and reliability the iPage SiteLock brings, it also comes with other advanced features that greatly improve your websites safety. These are the perks that SiteLock brings:

  • Unlimited Support, 24/7;
  • It has icons that can be used for business transactions;
  • It has tools that make transactions safe and easy;
  • A customizable security package;
  • Compatibility with a wide range of environment;
  • You save bandwidth with its 360-degree type of technology;
  • Monitors and blocks spam;
  • Protects sites by performing daily scans; and
  • Offers blacklist monitoring for SE.

What is the best SiteLock Plan for my website?

The best SiteLock plan for you is the plan which best fits to your website’s needs. You may have to spend another hard-earned dollar for it but whatever it may cost, it is incomparable to the safety and security it brings to your website.