Major iPage Features

iPage offers its clients a lot of features. It offers both features for the upkeep of your blog, and features for your webhosting experience. One example of the former is iPage’s free Drag and Drop Website Builder Weebly, and one example of the latter is iPage’s money-back guarantee. For the full list of features, visit iPages website. But in the meantime, here are a few well-known and reputed iPage features:

  • Weebly’s Drag and Drop Website Builder – Weebly is a separate company from iPage. In fact, Weebly, like iPage, is a webhosting company as well. But since Weebly’s Drag and Drop Website Builder has been so famed and used, other webhosting companies opt to rent it from Weebly instead of creating a program of their own. This is because designing their own program will be laborious and time-consuming. Drag and Drop Website Builders are used by both amateur and professional web designers, but were really intended for the former. But because of the program’s efficiency, even professionals take part in its usage.
  • iPage’s Money Back Guarantee – iPage offers all of its credit card paying customers a money back guarantee. This is mostly because they offer their plans at yearly rates and not monthly rates. This money back guarantee is iPage’s answer to those who are asking for a monthly payment basis. Now, you get to back out of your plan at any given time – so it doesn’t really matter if you’re on a yearly or monthly payment basis.
  • Disk Space Will Never Be A Problem – iPage offers its consumers unlimited disk space – yes, you can use as much as you want. You won’t find the need to delete files for more space anymore. You get to keep it all, no exceptions. This expands your webhosting experience by so much.
  • SiteLock Security – So there are tangible features, such as the abovementioned Drag and Drop Website Builder and the money back guarantee, and there are also features you might not have noticed. iPage does its best to keep you and your information safe from harm. This is why iPage has teamed up with SiteLock – for the use of their security products.

The SiteLock Security Feature

What’s SiteLock? All you need to know about SiteLock and iPage are all bulleted below:

  • iPage, as a webhosting company, has a duty to its customers. This duty is to make sure their customers and their information are properly guarded.
  • iPage makes sure they protect their consumers from viruses that may potentially harm a consumer’s website or web information.
  • For an iPage user to know whether or not they are being protected is by monitoring their SiteLock badges.
  • SiteLock badges are there to indicate that you are being protected by SiteLock’s security service.
  • These badges are being used by SiteLock for the reason that in this way, you will have the assurance of online protection.

SiteLock Details

Here are more details you should know about SiteLock Security:

  • SiteLock’s Security packages are all customizable.
  • The company uses technology which helps save bandwidth.
  • Priced at very low rates – aimed at small and medium sized businesses.
  • Security tools and icons which are good for business use.
  • SiteLock comes with spam and search engine blacklist monitoring.
  • Provision of daily security scans all in detail for easy and in-depth monitoring.

Should I Trust SiteLock?

iPage is a popular webhost and it hosts dozens of thousands of websites – and maybe even more. These websites have trusted iPage and SiteLock for years, and have found little to no problems with the security feature partnership. For those of you who do experience problems, they’re either minute or unnoticeable.