Google Incorporated

Google started off as a search engine back in the year 1998, and has now come to grow to a full-fledged internet corporation. The company has ventured into other fields such as Photography, Web Office, and Videography with the acquisition of the web programs:

  • Picnik
  • Google docs
  • Youtube
  • Etc.

With this being said, knowing that Google has also ventured in the Web Analysis industry shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone.

Google Analytics

With Google Analytics, a web user will have the ability to monitor and to analyze their website’s online performance. The service lets you view comprehensive reports of your website’s performance in different aspects such as:

  • The service lets you see the number of visitors your website gets.
  • Google Analytics will be the doorway to how you will see which webpage under your website has been viewed the most and viewed the least.

These services, among others, will help you see how well your website is doing with the public.

The Need for Google Analytics

Why do you need Google Analytics? Well there are many reasons why both you and your website will need Google Analytics. To name a few:

1. With its features, you get to know what web pages garner the least views. This gives you the power to make changes to the website and see what the public does and doesn’t like.

2. Another perk is that you get to see what the public views the most. With that knowledge, you will be able to deduce what traits these pages have that attracted the viewers, and pattern future webpages from that knowledge.

3. With simple analytics, you get to see what content your web sites demographic likes to see most and what they like to see least – using these statistics, you get to pattern your website to what your public’s interest are, which will then account to more views.

The more viewers you get on your website, the bigger the chances are that a business would like to advertise on it. Remember, the more pages you have, the more money you will be spending. This is why it’s crucial that you know your website’s statistics. Now remember, more views means more profit, less views means less profit.

iPage and Google Analytics

So the answer to the question whether iPage supports Google Analytics is: Yes. Close to all web sites have access to Google Analytics. Do you want to know whether your website can use Google Analytics or not? Go to and key in the URL of your website or the website in which you’d like to check the validity and select “Optimize”.

Activating Google Analytics

After checking whether or not your website supports Google Analytics, you may want to turn it on so that you get to use it. Listed below is a step by step instruction on how you will activate Google Analytics:

1. Key in on your web address bar. Press enter.

2. Set up your own Google account that you get to use the variety of Google programs such as the ones mentioned above.

3. For those of you who already have a google account, you will not need to sign up. All you have to do is log in.

4. Google will be asking for your website’s information. Key in all the needed information in the designated fields.

5. For google analytics to turn on, you will need an account name.

6. After getting an account name, select “Get Tracking ID”.

7. You will then be redirected to Google Analytics’ Terms of Use. To be able to use Google Analytics, you will have to click on the “I Agree” button or check box.

8. Click the “Create New Account” button.

9. You will be presented with a code. Remember to copy this code and insert it on your website’s HTML.

10. You now have access to Google Analytics.