What is a VBulletin Forum?

A vBulletin forum is basically an online forum that uses vBulletin. vBulletin is an application that is designed be used in creating and managing online forums. It is open-source and is powered by PHP and MySQL which easy to install and manage. It is one of the applications that are highly recommended by iPage for clients who want to set-up an online forum page. The application has been around for more than a decade already and has been time-tested.

Why do I need an online forum?

A forum is a site where people can interact and discuss anything they want to discuss, virtually everything that is under the sun. Through a forum, people can share their knowledge and opinions as well as seek for help and advice. They can also advertise their products, may it be an item, a utility or a service and even advertise their intention to buy things they wanted. Some users use the forum to post job opportunities that are available.

Through this, a forum attracts a lot of visitors which means that sites with online forums usually get a lot of traffic. This could be a big help for your site as a part of your marketing strategy, especially as it helps increase your search engine optimization.

What do I need to run a vBulletin Forum?

You don’t need much to run a vBulletin forum. What you need is to have a web hosting provider that could provide you with the following basic requirements, requirements that iPage happily provides you with:
For vBulletin 5, you need:

  • MySQL 5.1.5 or a higher version; MySQL 5.5 is the recommended version
  • PHP 5.3.0 or higher; PHP 5.4.x is highly recommended
  • 1GB disk space;
  • A domain name; and
  • A Rewrite Engine, such as Apache’s mod_rewrite, that is required for the Friendly URL routing work.

Although not a requirement, having the following settings and software in your system is a big plus factor that should greatly enhance your vBulletin Forum experience:

  • OpenSSL support or cURL; these should allow you to have secure connections with third-party services;
  • MySQLi support
  • Iconv support, which should provide you with extra language and character set support; and
  • OpCode Cache, to help enhance the vBulletin performance. It is a caching mechanism that works to increase the vBulletin software performance by pre-parsing PHP files.

How can I set up vBulletin on my iPage account?

Setting up vBulletin on your iPage account comes easy and handy, which means it can be done by following a few simple steps:

  • First, you need to login to your iPage account,;
  • Go to the “Control Panel:;
  • While on the Control Panel, look for the SimpleScripts icon and click on it;
  • On the page that opens, look for the Forum category and then select the vBulletin icon;
  • Fill in the necessary installation preferences on the spaces provided;
  • Next, you need to choose the vBulletin version that you want to use. Remember, that the higher the version, the better will be the performance;
  • After choosing, click the “Begin Installation” tab;
  • Clicking the tab begins the installation process, all you need to do is simply to wait until the installation is done and you shall have your new forum installed in your site.

What rules do forum members need to remember?

Although there is no written rule on the code of conduct when you are in a forum, it helps to follow some simple rules of courtesy and exercise discipline to help maintain proper decorum. Though you may never see each other face to face, the code of conduct of behaving in a civilized society shall prevail. These are the basic do’s and don’t’s while in a forum:

  • Do’s
    – Always respect others.
    – Always post in a polite manner.
    – Be helpful and try to help whenever able.
    – When posting problems, try to be descriptive and use descriptive thread titles.
    – Try to see first if there is already a solution to a problem before you make a post.
    – Report violations by using the report button.
    – Most of all, never forget to enjoy yourself.
  • Don’t’s
    – Never insult other members of the community.
    – Don’t double post; try edit when possible.
    – Never try to circumvent the language filter by using ’s or numbers.
    – Never make posts like “I will help only if I know the answer.”
    – Do not spam the forum.
    – Never tell others to “RTFM” (Read the fucking manual) or any other like terms.