One of the most important factors for choosing a web hosting service is the control panel that comes along with it. Each hosting service utilizes different types of Control Panels, which in turn have their own distinct features that vary according to the specifications of each maker. While one may be great for one person’s website, it might not be the best fit for you. By learning about each one, you can find the type that suits your requirements.
The iPagevDeck Control Panel is a source of great satisfaction for many of its customers. Here you find out its functions and management.

What is a Control Panel?

The Control Panel is the center of management for your website. While other parts may be equally important in its creation, the Control Panel does most of the configurations and settings for you. Without this tool you will have a hard time doing tasks in your website. The Control Panel handles the creation and management of:

  • databases
  • email accounts
  • website builder
  • applications
  • scripts
  • FTP client
  • SSL Certificates

Most of anything that you do in the creation of your website involves the use of the Control Panel in some way. You should always consider what kind of Control Panel your hosting service provides you with.

The vDeck Control Panel

The vDeck Control Panel was developed by the Endurance International Group. While it is a newer creation compared to other Control Panels, it makes up for that with better functionality. It was originally created with the intention of supplying amateurs or beginners with a user-friendly device. Eventually, vDeck created its signature “”Content Management Systems””, which gives users the freedom to create web pages without any previous programming experience. With vDeck, you avoid the hassle of searching for each task and get most of your actions in one page. It is cleverly categorized in the simplest way possible.

What is included in the vDeck Control Panel?

Each vDeck Control Panel has five sections:

  • Website: includes links for security, file managing/creating, Script installment and content writing.
  • Email: mostly gives email creation, support and management
  • Domain: for registering, transferring and creating domains and DNS settings.
  • Marketing Services: Facebook, Google AdWords, Yahoo, Yellowpage and Email marketing
  • Account Information: This is for your account information and passwords, along with your subscriptions and credit card information.

What are the highlights of the vDeck Control Panel?

  • SimpleScripts
    This is a one-click installer used for several scripts available for use on iPage. There are hundreds of scripts available which you can install with one click of the button.
  • Customizable Sidebar
    vDeck gives you a sidebar that contains most of the important information for your website. On vDeck, you get customizable widgets that let you choose which information you will see on the sidebar.
  • Account Backups
    In case of errors on your settings, iPage lets you create a backup for your account. Through this, you can restore your account to its former version to avoid permanent damage.
  • Effective Categorization
    Each part of the Control Panel has been sorted to the category which suits it best, thus avoiding confusion in the future. Through this, you can find everything that you need more quickly than in other Control Panels
  • Domain Manager
    The DomanCentral allows you to view renewal options and manage the privacy of your domains. Even when not hosted on iPage, you can still view and manage your domains.

iPagevDeck Control Panel

Originally, iPage used the cPanel, which was one of the most efficient control panels back in its time. Later, they switched to vDeck due to its more effective regulation. vDeck has already proven that it is a good partner for most of iPage’s functions, and has competently satisfied most of their clients over time. The simple interface and updated structure has continued to provide convenient management for most customers to this day.