iPage Host not only develop and promote your website in the World Wide Web but also it lets you connect in the community by providing blogging software such as WordPress. Once you signed up with iPage Host you can set up and use WordPress free of charge.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a blogging tool that is widely used by more than 10 million websites. It is known as the most popular blogging system in the Web. WordPress is also a content-management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL.

It is founded by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little and it is first released on May 27, 003. It is licensed under GNU GPLv2. And it is developed by WordPress Foundation. You can also reach them at their website http://www.wordpress.org.

What are the features of WordPress?

Among the features of WordPress are plug-in architecture and a web template system.

With plug-in architecture that has a database of over 26,000 plug-ins, users can develop their websites according to their specific needs. It offers customs functions and features such as additional widgets and navigation bars.

WordPress may also provide themes that can change the overall look and functionality of your website without changing your website’s content. There are thousands of WordPress themes, some of them are free and some are paid for templates. They can be uploaded via FTP.

WordPress supports multi-blogging. It allows multiple blogs to exert in one installation. Users can also host their own blogging communities using WordPress MU that emerged with WordPress.

WordPress can also be applied using mobile applications such as WebOS, Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad Touch, iPod), Windows Phone, and Blackberry. You can add new blog posts and pages, commenting and replying using WordPress on these mobiles.

Other features of WordPress include integrated link management, a search-engine friendly, tagging post and articles, clean permalink structure, among others.

What is the importance of WordPress for your website?

WordPress can be of help and beneficial for your website for some reasons. One reason is that WordPress can customize your website easily by using themes compose of images and cascading webpage layouts and by the use of HTML or PHP. With WordPress you can also create and edit your web pages and blog posts using a web browser. Your search engine and social media are also improved and also updates your website and blog always. You can also receive and respond to readers’ comments using RSS.

How to set up WordPress on your blog at iPage Host?

To set up or install WordPress on your blog at iPage Host you must do the following steps:

  • First you must have a hosting account with iPage Host.
  • Once you signed up go to your hosting control panel go to Website>Simple Scripts.
  • Next in the Script List scroll down to display “Blogs.” Then click the “WordPress.”
  • Finally click the “Install” button.

How to install a WordPress theme?

If you want to change the design or the “skin” of your blog or customize your content and other materials you have to use and install first the WordPress theme.

To install the WordPress theme you have to download the WordPress Theme Directory. It is the official site for WordPress themes. You can download this free of charge. You can go to their website at http://www.wordpress.org/extend/themes/ to download the WordPress Theme Directory.

You can also download WordPress Themes using FTP. First you have to download the theme archive and then log in to web server using FTP and create a directory in the “wp-content/themes” directory. This is provided by WordPress. Then upload the theme files to the new directory or your host server.