Mac OS and iPage Hosting

Among the common customer support questions received is about compatibility and this same query goes for iPage hosting as well. Principal operating systems include Windows based OS and Mac based OS. To answer this common customer support question – YES, iPage is compatible with a Mac OS. For a quick review these issues can be analyzed two ways:

(1) On Site Visitor

Fortunately, for MAC OS users iPage hosting is not OS-specific which means visitors and website owners can stop worrying if iPage hosted sites to have compatibility issues with computers running on Mac OS. Take note however that compatibility issues that may sometimes occur are not because of the Operating System (OS) used but with your web browser instead. This issue can simply be addressed by updating your web browser.

(2) On Site Owner

As a site owner you tend to consider many different things to ensure that your site runs smoothly and on target. With iPage your questions on affordability and quality are answered in a positive light along with the question “Can I manage my iPage hosting account even with a Mac OS?.” The big YES you can, takes a big chunk of worry off your shoulders. Using your iPage DomainCentral coupled with SimpleScripts you can install applications and manage your iPage hosting account with ease. But keep in mind that some aspects of web hosting might still incur compatibility issues. For other concerns you may always get in touch with the iPage support team via chat, email or phone on a 24×7 setup.

Website Builders on iPage

There are two primary web development tools available with iPage web hosting and these are:

  • WeeblyDrag and Drop Site Builder
  • SiteDelux

These are essential to website owners because they are responsible in creating and designing web pages for their iPage hosted sites. The great thing about this is it can be utilized without having background or having to learn HTML codes and scripting languages. They are especially essential tools used by web developers and it also provides them advantage in having an Operating System compatible to their iPage hosted website. Website Builders require OS compatibility because they are considered applications and for applications to completely work it has to be compatible with the operating system used while specifications and minimum system requirements are met.

Minimum System Requirements

If you want your web development tools and your system to work well with your iPage hosted site you need to consider having the minimum system requirements as specified below:

  • Minimum requirements needed for Windows OS users:
    – Windows 2000 or higher version
    – 800×600 minimum screen resolution.
    – Your web browser has to be an updated version.
  • Minimum requirements needed for Mac OS users:
    – Running on OSX 10.4 or higher version
    – Your web browser has to be an updated version.

30-day Money-back Guarantee

iPage hosting includes a free domain registration or a domain transfer for the first year of your service term. This is perfect for those new to hosting and web developers alike because it lessens cost yet provides unmatched quality on service. You can also get a 30-day money-back guarantee feature which states that both parties (site owner or iPage) may terminate service at any time. Note that a 30-day written notice is required as stated in iPage’s user agreement detailed in section 2-b, under its subparagraph i. Take note too that this “Satisfaction Guarantee” feature is applicable only on hosting plans purchased via credit cards in order to be eligible to make a claim for the money-back guarantee. For accounts purchased on credit card, cash payments or other terms of payment will incur a cancellation fee of $35.00 should cancellation be made outside the 30-day period.