Types of Hosted Websites

As it is known by many, iPage hosts hundreds of thousands of websites, and still continues to host more and more each year. With this being said, it can be seen that iPage is home to a variety of websites. Listed below are some types:

  • Personal Websites – These types of websites are used for when one would like to blog about their personal life. For those of you who are personal bloggers, iPage will surely be apt for you.
  • Photography Websites – As it is already stated, photography websites are websites that revolve around the field of photography. Photography websites are also used by many videographers and other media related passions world-wide. This way, photographers get a chance to put up an online portfolio for more people to see. More people, means more publicity for their work. If you’re intending to put up a media blog, iPage will surely serve you well.
  • Artistic Websites – Photographers make art behind the camera lens, but many still like to keep it traditional and make art themselves. Like photographers, putting up a websites for your art works will be great for your work’s publicity. There’s no need to worry about safety since iPage offers many security features both for you and your work. This way, all your posts will be safely monitored by iPage.
  • Marketing Website – Marketing websites, also known as commercial websites, used to only be a privilege to businesses. But now that the online market has grown, many business men find the ownership of a website essential to a business, whether micro or macro. Like photography and artistic websites, you gain publicity. But another good thing about having a website is that it extends your business’s reach to the online market.

Examples of iPage Hosted Websites

  • http://www.longtoothe-will.com
  • http://www.fhproduce.com
  • http://www.jacksonvillehomerepairedandremodelling.com
  • http://www.masterrecruitertbg.com
  • http://www.pixelanalogue.com
  • http://www.mindblaze.com
  • http://www.junestar.org
  • http://www.vitalityproject.com
  • http://www.clearlakepool.com
  • http://www.templentraining.com
  • http://www.newjourney4life.com
  • http://www.trendeezfashion.com
  • http://www.mybargainboutique.com
  • http://www.seaskank.com
  • http://www.naniworld.com
  • http://www.tripleseven.com
  • http://www.littlemonkeyskids.com

Those are just a few websites hosted by iPage that you may know about. Aside from these, there are thousands more. These websites all show distinction in types. As it is seen, whatever blog you intend on putting up, iPage will surely be able to handle it – seeing as it already handles a variety of other websites in different fields.

iPage and Domain Costs

One of the perks when using iPage is that you get to choose a domain name for free on the first year of usage. If you intend to keep on using the domain name, you may opt to have it renewed – but for those of you who’d rather something new, you have the choice of having it changed which will obviously come at a certain price.

Having your domain name renewed will be just the same as iPage’s regular domain rates since their prices are identical. But you must know that domain costs will depend on what Top Level Domain you intend on using for your website. A Top Level Domain, or a TLD, is that suffix you see at the end of the websites. If you haven’t noticed it yet, the most common and popular website Top Level Domain is the ‘.com’. A ‘.com’ Top Level Domain will cost you around $15, $14.99 if you want to be precise – every year.

But there’s no need to worry, your Top Level Domain will be in no connection whatsoever with your website type. Whether you intend on putting up a website for a business or a personal blog wouldn’t matter at all. The decision will be up to you. But be sure you’re aware of all the costs. Remember, not all Top Level Domains are priced at one rate. Some are cheap whilst others come at heftier prices.