Everybody knows that creating a website is no longer as daunting as it used to be years ago. Now, with so many tools available, making a site can take just a few hours and would require just a little amount of training. As long as you get the right website builder, you can make your very own site without having to hire anyone to take care of the website’s back-end. This is where Weebly comes in. Weebly is a hosting provider that has a powerful site builder. It is so popular that the builder has been made proprietary. This means that people can pay to use the building capabilities even when their website is hosted by another company.

What exactly is Weebly?

Weebly is the Swiss Army knife of website development. It has so many gadgets that enable layout and theme customization, image and video uploading, Google maps incorporation, and so much more. It was developed in California in 2006 and funded by the same people who funded Google. Weebly aims to enable everyone to easily publish information online. To date, Weebly is used by more than 3.5 million website developers.

Pros of using Weebly

There is a reason why nearly 4 million individuals use Weebly as their website builder. Here are just a few advantages of using it over other WYSIWYG builders:

  • It does not force you to post advertisements on your site, desktop or mobile, even if your account is free.
  • You get email support even if you have a free account.
  • You get to use fly-out and multi-level menus.
  • You can use your own domain name.
  • Once built, the website can be downloaded and hosted in another hosting account.
  • There are no caps. You can use unlimited bandwidth per month. You also get unlimited content and pages.
  • It enables you to make and change your webpages without the using FTP. This makes page editing a breeze and the changes are enacted in real-time.

Steps in making a webpage using Weebly

Creating a website starts by making a page. Here are the steps in doing this:

1. Key in the website’s title
The site’s title is important because it is the very first element of your website that your visitors will notice. Therefore, it should be catchy and appropriate for the website. The first step in making the site is entering the title as well as selecting the category of the page that you want to build first. You can also add a logo in this part.

2. Enter the domain name of your website.
As mentioned, you do not need to sign up with Weebly to use their builder. You can use the domain name that you got when you signed up for your hosting plan.

3. You may now start building your site.
Weebly has a four-menu panel that point to design, pages, elements, and settings. In order to start the building process, you need to access the elements and design panels first. Form the design menu, you can select the template or theme that you wish to try for your website. You can now then start customizing the elements from the element menu. If you see any element that you wish to add, or take away, simply drag that and place it on the desired location on the page. If you wish to change the theme, you can do so without affecting the current layout of your page. Try out a few looks to find the one that is suitable for your site.

4. Save your work.
Don’t forget to save your pages. You can easily go back to any page that you want to edit by clicking on the “Edit Page” from the “Save Settings” menu.

Things to remember when using Weebly

Weebly’s website builder can only be used while you are on the Internet. Additionally, the user cannot create a profile, as it does not offer user management or registration. Here are other limitations that you need to consider before choosing Weebly:

  • Lack of control on commenters.
  • Blog posts cannot be copied and migrated.
  • Inability to use Disqus.
  • There is no option to archive blog entries.
  • It does not offer spam protection.
  • Post tags cannot be used. This can affect your search engine ranking.