Although nowadays people prefer to stick to the web hosting providers with custom site builder tools, there are still some that would like to move using what they already know. In here enters ASP, which is easy to learn and control, and allows for full functions in your web page so that you can create as much as you want within it.

What is ASP?

ASP, or Active Server Pages, is in simple terms a scripting engine. It creates scripts on the server instantly, by pulling the information out of a database. Then it sends the page to the user. Usually ASP files have the .asp suffix. ASP can be run inside IIS (Internet Information Services), so make sure that you have it before you start.

What is scripting?

This is an advanced programming language that can be interpreted by another program while it is executing, unlike programming languages that are compiled with the processor. These scripting languages are commonly used to be embedded onto HTML so that they could add functions within a web page.

What is ASP Hosting?

This is the type of hosting that lets pages be written while using the script language from ASP. With the script engine on the server, the language is processed and the orders can be translated into the server. Any kind of scripting is allowed within the server, as long as they have the ASP engine. However, there are some languages like PERL or PHP that are not compatible with ASP, so always be careful when you are trying to use it with your web hosting provider.

What does ASP Support?

  • Any browser – ASP can be used with any kind of browser, as since it is done on the server side instead of the computer.
  • Windows 2000 – IIS is a component in this version and later versions
  • Windows NT 4.0 – For IIS to be run, you need NT4.0 or later versions
  • VBScript – This is the standard language that ASP uses, but it can also accommodate other languages.
  • Jscript – This is the Windows version of Javascript, and is also supported by ASP.
  • Can be run without Windows – While restricted to only windows, there are other programs that allow for it to be used on other operating systems. Some examples are ChiliASP and InstantASP

Why do people use it?

There are several things that can be done with ASP. Here are some of them:

  • Edit web content – With ASP, you can create as much as you want and change as much as you want without the hassle of having to script it yourself. It all shows up within the web page at once.
  • Responds to the user – Sometime there are user queries or data that need to be scripted for the web page. With ASP, you can submit those queries using HTML forms and ASP responds to them for you
  • Access databases – With this, ASP can quickly check on any databases and return the answers to the browser.
  • Simple and fast – Compared to other scripting languages, this is one of those that have the quickest reaction time with the easiest interface
  • Secure – ASP Code isn’t viewable from your browser
  • Less traffic – With some smart ASP programming, you can minimize your network traffic
  • Forums and Galleries
  • With ASP, you can do more advanced scripts like creating custom forums and galleries for your web page, and still have full control after you finish the work.
  • No scripting required from the browser

How do I know if my web hosting provider supports ASP?

The best way to find out would be to ask your customer support or your help page. Most web hosts prefer the other scripting languages, which narrow down your prospects if you wish to use ASP. The most popular ones are here:

  • GoDaddy
  • Ixwebhosting
  • Myhosting
  • IPower
  • StartLogic