When a client leases the entire server that is housed in the data center of a service provider and gets to have all the server’s resources for himself, without the need to share it with other client, it is called Dedicated Server Hosting. Dedicated Server Hosting because all the resources of the entire server are dedicated to one client alone.

What are the types of Dedicated Hosting?

Dedicated Server hosting is classified into two: the Managed Dedicated Server Hosting and the Unmanaged Dedicated Server Hosting. It is Managed when you lease the server and then allows the service provider to take care of everything for your, for a fee, of course. This type is considered more expensive than the other type. The other type, which is the Unmanaged Dedicated Server hosting, is when you lease the server but takes care of the management of the entire server. Under both types, however, the service provider retains ownership of the server and gets to decide when upgrade it.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of Dedicated Hosting?

Dedicated hosting brings a lot of benefits to its clients. These are some of these benefits:

  • The client is assured of more control and flexibility over the server. He enjoys the freedom of choosing what applications to install and what configurations to tweak to suit his needs. This preclude the option of choosing whether to let the provider manage everything for him or to fully manage the server himself.
  • With the server safely installed in a monitored, climate-controlled environment within provider’s data center, the client is assured that his data is safe and secured. And with no one else sharing the server with him assures the client better security against being affected by malicious software attack and other threats experienced by other server users.
  • With no one else to share the resources with, the client is assured of better stability, server reliability and top performance.
  • Clients are given full Root/Administrative access to your server which allows the client to install programs and perform custom configurations to suit his needs.
  • Leasing a server in a safe data center means that the client need only pay the usage of the server, saving him a lot of money in building and maintaining his own data center structure.

Along with the benefits, come the drawbacks. Here are some of them:

  • It is more expensive compared to other hosting solutions.
  • You need competence to manage the server yourself.
  • If you can’t troubleshoot the problems yourself, it could mean additional cost of hiring technicians to do the job for you.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of Managed Dedicated Servers?

To make it better understood, here is a list of the common advantages of Managed Dedicated Server hosting. Here are the advantages:

  • The hosting provider takes care of all the critical software updates for the server. This could and may include updates that are operating system-related, control panel-related and security-related.
  • All the server concerns are taken care by the service provider.

Here is a list of the disadvantages of Managed Dedicated Servers:

  • Managed Dedicated server hosting is more expensive than its counterpart, the Unmanaged Server Hosting.
  • Not all companies grant admin or root level access to their clients, which could limit your access to your server.

What are benefits and drawbacks of Unmanaged Dedicated Servers?

Unmanaged Dedicated Server also has its share of benefits and drawback. Here is a list of its advantages:

  • The client enjoys total control of his server.
  • If the client is knowledgeable enough and able to manage the server by himself, he can save a lot of money.

Among the disadvantages of Unmanaged Dedicated servers are:

  • The client is on his own and can expect little or no help at all from the service provider.
  • He may need to spend for the technical or professional assistance to help manage the server.

With all its benefits and drawbacks, is Dedicated server hosting a good choice?

The benefit of Dedicated server hosting far outweighs its drawbacks. However, the answer to the question whether it is a good choice or not depends upon the purpose and the function of your website. If you are only after simple blogging, then dedicated hosting is not for you. But if your site expects a lot of traffic and generates high resolution, media-rich content then Dedicated Server hosting would be a very good choice for you.