As a small sized company, how can Managed hosting help me in my business?

Maintaining websites could be very costly since the cost of hiring an in-house full time webmaster does not come cheap and since there are low-end Managed Hosting web accounts which are sold to as low as $30 per month, Managed Hosting are the answer to the prayers of most small and medium sized business firms. And although Managed hosting costs a bit more compared to shared hosting accounts, you’ll save a great deal on resources and time in maintaining your company, enabling you to focus your resources in running your business.

What are the benefits of Managed Hosting?

For most small and medium sized companies and for those who are just starting with their businesses, Managed Hosting could be very beneficial to your. Here are the benefits that Managed Hosting can bring you:

  • You have the option to choose the low-end, low-cost plan;
  • You don’t need to pay for refreshing systems;
  • You don’t need to worry about managing the platform and network performance;
  • You don’t need to spend for additional charges if an equipment breaks down or is in need of repair and maintenance;
  • You can get a specialized solution to meet your particular needs since the plan is flexible;
  • You need not spend time and energy to understand the workings of the network and of managing new hardware as the provider will the work for you;
  • Deploying new platforms is made easier and quicker;
  • You get regular monitoring from experienced web masters who gives you a heads-up if something come-up in the network;
  • Security updates are taken care of and completed by your managed server provider;
  • Your managed server provider takes care of the necessary Operating system updates;
  • Your managed server provider takes care of the completion of the control panel;
  • You don’t have to worry about managing the vendor-client relationship as the provider handles any software and hardware problems; and
  • You’ll get monitoring capabilities for your configurations.

What are the drawbacks of Managed Hosting?

Managed Hosting, just like any other hosting plan, has its inherent drawbacks and disadvantage as well. These drawbacks are often dependent upon your immediate hosting needs as well as your choice of the type of managed hosting you want to host your site. The following are some of the most common drawbacks of Managed hosting:

  • If you chose a high-end Managed Hosting platform, chances are you will be spending a lot for your hosting plan since high-end Managed Hosting plans are among the most expensive in the market. This is because of the highly comprehensive services they offer, the immense resources involved in the constant monitoring and upkeep of your site and of the cost of the equipment they used. This is the price of the peace of mind and the obvious advantages of having someone manage the site for you.
  • You may also be required to adhere to the limitations imposed by the hosting provider on data transfer and storage. Once these limitations are transgressed, penalties may be imposed upon you.
  • Depending upon the host, you may not have administrative / root access to your account especially if you have subscribed to a fully managed hosting plan.

Despite its inherent drawbacks, why do people still opt to choose Managed Hosting above other hosting plans?
The peace of mind of having expert web masters manage your site for you, of knowing that your site is in the hands of those who are the best in the business and simple management style that the plan brings far outweighs the disadvantages the plans brings.