As a web hosting reseller, it is considered as a lucrative way to earn a residual income. With a hosting business, you can setup, manage and operate the back-end of emails, websites and even the domain management. If you want to earn extra cash yet do not have enough time to create a website or products, becoming a hosting reseller is the solution. Majority of web hosting companies right now will provide their members with the option to resell their hosting in order to gain profits from every sale.

What is reseller hosting?

In this form of hosting, it is the most affordable and simplest way to start a hosting business. With a single control panel, you can easily oversee several clients who also have accessibility to the control panel in case they want to make changes or updates to their service. Majority of clients do not have the background or knowledge in this field and will entirely depend on you for the setup and changes. As the reseller, you can charge more for the hands-on service.

How to become a hosting reseller

It is easy to become a hosting reseller. All you have to do is to follow the steps below carefully.

  • Look for a dependable and experienced web hosting company. This might be a difficult phase since there are many web hosting providers in the market right now. Just make sure that you will choose the best. In doing so, you can provide your clients with the best service and they will continue to host their website using your hosting services.
  • Find the ideal hosting reseller package. Make it a point to read thoroughly all the details in the contract, terms and conditions as well as the privacy policy before you will buy the package. You should receive a decent profit for every sale. Majority of web hosting companies will provide you 100% of the sales.
  • Buy the hosting reseller package and provide all the pertinent information. Additionally, it also includes the payment for the membership.
  • Create your own website where you can sell the hosting services. Some hosting providers will even provide you with a template website so that you can start earning money right away.
  • Optimize your website to make it stand out from other hosting company websites. This step includes the submission of your website to directories, social networking, search engine optimization and advertising. In doing so, your website will become popular and visible to Internet users.

Requirements as a hosting reseller

Take note that reselling is similar to any business since it would require work, effort and a starting capital. There are also certain requirements that you should comply with.

  • A reliable and powerful computer or a laptop that you can use when working in different locations.
  • Fast speed Internet connection
  • A dedicated phone line to your business and a fax line if possible
  • Tax license along with relevant papers
  • Bank account with company name
  • Merchant account and gateway software for receiving payments from credit cards
  • A private work area either at home or office with a comfortable chair

The good aspect of reseller hosting

With reseller hosting, it provides you with a chance to earn residual income. After the initial setup, a lot of customers need to work minimally every month in order to maintain their account, but you can easily gain profit as long as you get the clients on the right track. Another aspect that makes this opportunity stand out is that you no longer need to purchase equipment. In doing so, you no longer need to buy a server anymore.