Let’s say you finally created your website. Then you let it grow into something bigger and harder to manage. Here comes the option of adding a database, which allows you to store multiple things in one page. Unlike other websites, in where you have to create different pages for every entry, you can just condense them all using a database. One of those is ColdFusion, which is one of the most popular database languages.

What is ColdFusion?

As mentioned before, ColdFusion is a Server Side Scripting Language meant for modifying and using databases. It was developed in 1996 by Allaire to create dynamic web content. By dynamic, we mean that other visitors can have limited interaction with the web page.

What are dynamic web pages?

Let’s start with a non-dynamic web page. Static web pages, as they are called, are those that always look the same and doesn’t change any of the content unless if you load a new page. On the other hand, a dynamic page can keep changing every time they are loaded. This makes the website more attractive to other users and allows for more traffic within the page. Databases allow for that change, for a website to be transformed from static to dynamic.

Why use ColdFusion?

  • The script is encrypted – The main thing that separates ColdFusion from other scripting languages is the fact that it can run encrypted versions of its script. This meant that there is less risk for piracy and thus provides more security with the script.
  • It is open source – This means that it is available to everybody and anyone, and you can modify it whenever you can. This also means that a lot of other programmers support it and create more programs that support it.
  • Less code – Unlike other scripting languages, you don’t need to write as much with ColdFusion, thus there is less work to be made.
  • Faster – Because there is less code, this also means that you will be done with scripting it faster compared to other languages.
  • Maintenance – Bad maintenance isn’t usually a problem with ColdFusion, since the scripting is simple and the coding is fast.
  • Easy to Learn – Other Languages require much learning before you can begin to use them properly. ColdFusion is easier to code and faster to learn, and it requires less interaction.
  • Free – While ColdFusion used to have the bad reputation of being very expensive compared to other languages, it has now changed and it now allows for more support with other programs.

What does ColdFusion do?

  • Database queries
  • Uploading files
  • Read server files
  • Have a member page (using a login)
  • Use a shopping cart
  • Send emails
  • Schedule tasks
  • FTP files
  • Publish services on the web

How do I use ColdFusion?

Before you can start using ColdFusion on your web page, you would first need to install the program on the server. So if your hosting provider doesn’t have ColdFusion installed ont he server, it wouldn’t be able to run any of the script used by ColdFusion.

What are the most popular ColdFusion hosting providers?

The good thing is that there are not that many providers without ColdFusion installed on them. Your current web hosting service might also be using it now. You just need to ask your customer support or your help desk on whether they have the option of using ColdFusion or not. If you would like a list, though, here are the most popular providers:

  • Hostek (plans starting at $5 per month)
  • CF Dynamics (plans starting at $20 per month)
  • Host Nexus (plans starting at $20 per month)
  • Media 3 (plans starting at $25 per month)