Who should use dedicated server hosting?

Different websites cater to different needs and purposes. There are websites that are dedicated for blogging and personal posting while there are sites that are intended to serve a bigger purpose in the business or where business is being run. This difference in purpose also spells the difference in their needs, as far as hosting is concerned. Simple blog sites and forum sites also have simple needs while more complex sites also require more complex needs.

Sites that cater to huge traffic volume as well as handle contents that are resource-rich which required showing high resolution images and videos need a more robust, stable and reliable platform compared to simple sites. There are also sites who handle sensitive data and whose main concern is security and stability and control over their servers. To have all these, you need to have a server hardware that can supply you with all the necessary resources and well as the required security and stability, things that a dedicated server posses.

Sites that have high stability, control, performance, and reliability and security requirements should seriously consider Dedicated Server Hosting.

What benefits do I get from a dedicated hosting solution?

Dedicated server hosting solutions bring a lot of benefits to the client. Among these benefits are:

  • The client enjoys better flexibility and control over his server. He has the freedom to choose what applications to install as well as to configure the server according to his needs.
  • The client enjoys peace and comfort with the assurance that the server is safe and secured while installed in a constantly-monitored, climate-controlled environment inside the provider’s data center. Security also extends to being protected from attacks and threats of malicious software brought by other users of a server.
  • He is assured of a more stable, reliable and top-speedy performance of his server as no one shares its resources with him.
  • Usually, clients have full Root/Administrative access to their servers allowing them to install programs and perform custom configurations to serve his needs.
  • The client could have a lot of saving from leasing a server instead of building and maintaining his own data center.

How can dedicated hosting help my website?

Dedicated server hosting or simply dedicated hosting can be a big boost to your website as it greatly impacts the reliability, security, stability and performance of your site. Businesses running their servers on dedicated hosting solutions receive help from the hosting solution by:

  • A stable and reliable website with a good performance increases trust and confidence in the site, attracting more traffic which in business could translate into better sales growth.
  • It also enhances:

– Better customer-business relationship;
– Brings an improved company image – the image of your company is reflected in how the website performs.

  • It could greatly reduce operating costs compared with in-house data centers.

These, plus a lot more could only mean one thing for your business – it helps you run your business better and a good performing business means profit.

Is dedicated hosting right for my website?

The purpose and the function of your website determine whether dedicated hosting is the best choice for your website or not. If your website is only intended for simple tasks such as blogging and forum hosting or maybe intended to serve as your personal window, then the cost of dedicated hosting maybe way too much for your needs. You may be able to pay the price, if you are rich enough, but the thing is that you are paying for services that you do not need and may not use.

However, if your site handles high-resolution media-rich content that requires a more robust and powerful server, handle a lot of traffic and when you need to have control and security over your data and server then Dedicated Server hosting would be a very good choice for you.