What is the difference between dedicated server hosting and cloud hosting?

Dedicated server hosting, better known as dedicated hosting is a hosting solution where the client or the website owner leases the physical server whose resources are dedicated your website alone. Cloud hosting, on the other hand, is a virtual, real-time environment that is based on a cluster of resources acting as one system, pooling their resources together resulting to an impressive processing power, huge amount of RAM and an enormous storage capacity. This simply means that cloud hosting is hosting using multiple servers that are interconnected to each other.

Dedicated servers allocate their full resources to a website, whether needed or not, and which the website owner needs to pay on a fixed monthly basis. This differs with cloud servers is as much as cloud servers resources can be allocated and dispersed anywhere and anytime it is needed. Clients of cloud hosting solutions may only be provided the actual resources they need at a certain moment and gets to be billed for the actual resources used that they have utilized.

What are the benefits of using dedicated server hosting?

Choosing dedicated server hosting for your server could be very beneficial, both for you and for your website. Among these benefits are the following:

  • Dedicated server hosting assures you of a more reliable and of top quality performance. This is because you do not share any of your server’s resources such as processor power, disk space and memory with other website using the same server.
  • You will never be swamped, slowed down or crashed by another site since no other site shares the server with you, assuring you of better reliability and higher uptime guarantee.
  • Only you have the access to your server which translates to tighter degree of security.
  • You can customize the server configuration or even install custom software and application to better serve your needs.
  • You can customize firewall configuration to better enforce access control policy.
  • Dedicated servers have its own unique IP Address.

What are the characteristics and advantages of cloud hosting?

To be able to function and serve as a cloud server, cloud hosting providers should possess the following characteristics:

  • It should be able to adjust resources immediately to meet demands, on-demand.
  • It should be able to pool resources and balance the load usage to maximize resource usage and provide the needed resource as soon as it is required.
  • It should have the ability to immediately recover from hardware failures.
  • It should possess the tools and control panels that allow easy management of all aspect of the service.
  • It should provide you with tool and allows you access to monitor your resource usage.

Aside from the characteristics, cloud hosting should be able to let you enjoy the following benefits:

  • The cloud environment where your server is based should be able to give you freedom and the power to use the optimal set of resources that you need to meet your specific server needs and demands.
  • You get to enjoy full resource and capacity scalability, whether you need to scale it up or scale it down, according to your needs.
  • You should also get to enjoy the service reliability, speed and top quality performance brought about by the pooling of resources of a number of servers connected to each other.

Cloud hosting or dedicated hosting, what is right for you?

Choosing what is right for you between cloud and dedicated hosting is very difficult and you need a benchmark to really assess which is better and which works best for you. Aside from the benefits of cloud hosting, it is also seen as the potential for future web development plans. It is highly scalable and could pack a punch when it comes to power. However, the tested reliability and security of dedicated hosting, aside from its performance and power could not be counted out. They can vary a bit in how much they cost, but the price difference could be insignificant. In the end, what is right for you is the hosting solution that better provides for the needs of your website, be it price, scalability, performance, security or reliability.