How does VPS hosting differ from Dedicated Server hosting?

A Virtual Private Server (VPN) is actually a virtual machine that is able to run its own operating system. By virtual machine, it means that the machine does not physically exist but only exists inside a machine. VPS Hosting is a hosting solution that is better defined as having a characteristic that falls somewhere between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. It is like shared hosting because it shares the resources of a single server however it is also like a dedicated server because it runs its own operating system and acts independently from all the other instances occurring on the same machine. It is like a machine that exists within a machine. It is configured to run its own independent operating system dedicated to a single account, a separate server for this instance, which even enables it to be rebooted without affecting the other instances.

Dedicated hosting is a hosting service where the customer leases or rents the server that is owned by the hosting provider and is housed in the data center owned by the hosting service provider. In Dedicated hosting, the website owner never gets to own the server hardware. The total resources of the server you rented are dedicated for your website alone, which gives your website the optimum power, maximum disk space and bandwidth. Aside from owning the server, the hosting company provides all the necessary services needed to run the data center including maintenance, backup and security.

The difference between dedicated hosting and VPS hosting is that dedicated hosting clients has the exclusive use of the server and its total available resources while VPS clients need to share the processing power of the server with other users although has exclusive use of the RAM and disk space like dedicated hosting clients.

What advantages does dedicated hosting bring?

Dedicated hosting brings a lot of advantages to its clients and some of these advantages are as follows:

  • All the resources of the server is dedicated for your website only, which means that you need not share server resources like processor, disk space, bandwidth and memory with other subscribers.
  • You do not run the risk of being swamped, crashed, or slowed down by other instances running in the same server.
  • Your files are safe and secure since nobody else can access your site or uses the hardware but you.
  • You have the option to install additional application and configure and have it optimized and customized to serve your needs.
  • You can customize the Firewall configuration to better enforce access control policy.
  • You can run and install any software you want.

What benefits do I get from VPS hosting?

Since VPS hosting falls somewhere between shared hosting, which is known as the least expensive hosting solution, and dedicated hosting, which is also known as one of the most expensive hosting solutions, the major benefit that you can get from VPS hosting is that you get to experience the power of a dedicated hosting solution at the price of a shared hosting solution. Among the other benefits that VPS hosting brings are:

  • It is a cost effective way of hosting your website in the power of the power of a dedicated hosting solution but at a cost of a shared hosting solution.
  • Having existed as another separate machine, other servers and instances existing in the same machine won’t have any direct effect o your server and at the same time, you don’t have to worry about your server affecting other servers.
  • As a “separate server”, the VPS performs better and faster than shared servers but a bit slower compared to dedicated servers.
  • VPS hosting solutions works best for small and medium-sized websites that require the robust power of a dedicated hosting solution but do not have the financial capability to shoulder its costs.

Which hosting solution works best for me, Dedicated hosting or VPS Hosting?

For small and medium-sized companies who need to host their website in a hosting solution that shares almost the same power and features as those of dedicated servers but do not have the luxury of paying a high price for it, VPS hosting is a very good choice. However, large companies or websites that do need enough space, CPU and RAM power and bandwidth and who needs to stay in control over their servers, and who is willing to pay the price of the top-quality service they receive, then dedicated server hosting is the way to go for you.