To fully benefit from your service provider, there are basic features and services that should be offered and are available to the customer. Even though each service provider offers additional features and services unique to their company and not found in other service providers platforms, there are very basic features and services that should be common to all providers. However, these services are always dependent upon the type of Manage Hosting account you may choose as low-end Managed hosting services offers a different package of service and features compared to high-end Managed Hosting accounts. Basically, you need to look for an assurance of a full management program that should give you the guarantee and peace of mind that your website is being run, maintained and protected by the people who are experts in their field.

What technical benefits should I expect from a Managed Hosting provider?

A good Managed Hosting provider should be able to provide customers with these basic technical features:

  • Server Monitoring – To ensure the optimum performance of your website, the provider should be able to assure you of constant monitoring of the server. By constantly monitoring and scanning the server, the provider will be able to search and address issues, irregularities and prevent potential failures in the system. It is imperative for system administrators to constantly monitor the server in order to address possible points of failure and address them before it becomes a major problem. Providers should be able to provide the customer an optimum server uptime and full network availability that you want your clients to enjoy.
  • Managed Storage – Your storage requirements may and can change from time to time, making it impractical for you to pay for a storage space that you do not necessarily need and it is also dangerous for you to buy a storage space that is catered to your present needs as the space you need now may not be the same space that you will need a few months or years down the line. Managed Storage means that you can outsource you storage needs to the Managed Hosting provider and help you reduce the cost of buying and administering storage services.
  • Security – Your hosting provider should be able to protect you under their security umbrella that should include virus scanning, spam filtering, firewall configuration and running constant security updates, find security vulnerabilities and fix them accordingly to constantly prevent the server from being attacked.
  • Managed Database – Managed Hosting providers should have Database Administrators (DBAs) who are experts in the operation of the SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL to be able to provide you with the administrative expertise you need.
  • Backups – As data loss due to natural or man-made disasters can be very damaging and costly to any company, it is essential to regularly make data back-ups, preserve data integrity and keep it secure from data loss.

What economic benefits should I look for in a good Managed Hosting provider?

Aside from the technical benefits that good Managed Hosting companies provide, one should also look for services that offer economic and business benefits. These are some of those benefits:

  • Reduction of Operating Costs – As it is expensive to hire and employ in-house systems administrators and DBAs to manage your server and your database, it is often more economical to hire a hosting partner that has the experience and technical skill to handle any server related issues.
  • You save time and money – as your server concerns are handled by experts, you need not spend time and hire personnel to attend to your server management concerns, saving you time and money. Time saved could be dedicated on making your business grow.

What is the best Managed Hosting provider?

As each website has its own needs depending upon the purpose and the way the site is built, there is no single Managed Hosting provider that can cater to the needs of each and every website. The best Managed Hosting provider will be the provider that can provide you with a tailor-made service according to your needs.