Why should I need the services of a Managed Database Administration service?

Your database is the lifeblood of your business because it is your database that keeps the record of all your customers and every business transaction that you had. Database performance is dependent upon how much storage is already consumed, the number of users accessing the system and how the services you are running in your operation is affecting your system. In-house Database administration could be expensive in as much as you need to pay for the services of a Database Administrator and could take a significant amount of diligence as you need to monitor daily when your database is in danger of being filled to capacity so that it could be restructured without affecting data integrity and the operation of your business. You need managed database administration to take care of these concerns for you and you can be assured that database experts are monitoring your databases for you, making sure that issues like disk space utilization, potential long queries and bottlenecks including health indexes are constantly monitored and addressed to.

What services should I expect from a Managed Database Administration Service?

Managed Database Administration service includes:

  • Daily verification that database backups are run and completed;
  • Researches and Fixes minor database problems;
  • Observes and fine-tunes the database and make adjustments necessary to keep optimum performance;
  • Constant monitoring of the database growth;
  • Constant monitoring of the disk layout and utilization;
  • Constant monitoring of database fragmentation and scatter;
  • Constant monitoring of AI files;
  • Constant monitoring of the log files to check for errors;
  • Performs the necessary database refreshes when requested;
  • Sets-up printers
  • Constant monitoring of database operating status;
  • Immediately notifies client of service interruptions;
  • Immediately notifies clients when critical thresholds are breached;
  • Provides Database Crash Support;
  • Database recovery support, in case of catastrophic events;
  • Resolution and troubleshooting of slow query; and
  • Long Range hardware and software planning;

What are the key benefits of Managed Database Administration?

The constant monitoring and service to your database handled by experts has enabled Managed Database Administration to bring into your business the following key benefits:

  • The presence of dedicated and expert Database Administrators that are familiar with the database system;
  • The constant monitoring by seasoned experts that offers the highest level of database support;
  • The use of monitoring and alert notification system and tools;
  • Guarantee that database downtime will be greatly minimized and reduced;
  • Guarantee that database performance will be increased;
  • Guarantee of Onsite and Offsite flexibility;
  • Guarantee that you have constant access to experts in case you needed cost effective, affordable and a flexible technical team extension; and
  • A very good and stable safety net for you and your end-users.

Should I really need to spend for a Managed Database Administration service?

Effective and efficient Database management requires the need of special skills and training. By securing the services of Managed DBA services, you eliminated the need of spending for the cost of on-going specialized training for your employees or the cost of hiring a Database Administrator which could become very costly in the long run. Instead of worrying about routine daily monitoring and maintenance tasks, of spending for the on-going training of your staff or of using vital company man-hours which could also translate into hundreds of dollars in the long run, you can devote the time to focus on running and expanding your business. Money spent for a managed database administration service could not be equated with the peace of mind and guarantee that your precious database is being managed by experts and at the same time you are freeing costly in-house resources that should be able to focus more on business tasks at hand.