Managed hosting is a type of a hosting plan that is administered by the hosting service provider. Generally, managed hosting is classified into low-end managed hosting and high-end managed hosting. It is classified as a low-end Managed Hosting account if the plan generally uses VPS Hosting while if it is an upgraded version of a dedicated hosting plan, it is classified as a high-end managed hosting.

Other hosting service providers try to promote their managed hosting plans with an offer of a “fully managed hosting.” Actually the term “fully managed” is only relative. Fully managed plans simply mean that your website is regularly monitored by experienced web masters. This means you need not worry about possible server downtimes and other issues. What you need to do is simply to pay for the plan cost and then sit back and relax as you continuously receive updates from your hosting provider. Full managed hosting costs more compared to other plans since you receive more technical support which means you also have to pay more.

Aside from the fully managed hosting plans, you can also buy partial managed hosting plans from the market. The difference between the two is that even though partial managed web hosting plans are still monitored by the technical staff from the company, the end users are expected and are required to perform some administrative functions to maintain their websites. Eventually, this is more beneficial in the sense that aside from the fact that this plan is cheaper compared to the fully managed web hosting plans; end-users will have more control over their own servers.

What service and features should you expect from managed hosting plans?

You will receive all of the features you normally get with most hosting plans but with an additional hour of website administration service. The following are some of the website administration services that are included in a Managed hosting plan but which you don’t normally find in regular hosting plans:

  • Installation and upgrades of many open source web apps like Joomla, Drupal and WordPress;
  • HTML website updates such as logo changes, image changes and contact information updates;
  • Export, Import and optimization of SQL Databases;
  • Automated website backup;
  • Setup of web tools and other hosted apps in your website;
  • Installation of 3rd party SSL;
  • Log checking and email archiving;
  • Basic Script debugging;
  • Toll free phone support; and
  • Website Migration

How do I setup my Managed Hosting account?

You can set up your managed hosting account in just a few simple steps, although the process may last up to 12 hours, depending upon a lot of technical factors. Simply follow these steps:

  • First and foremost, you have to log in to your Account Manager;
  • Click the Servers button;
  • Next, click Setup Account;
  • Once you are on the account setup page, you will be prompted to enter the name of your server account. You may choose any name or word that you want as your server account name.
  • At the prompt, enter the account username and password of your server account;
  • You may now click the Continue button;
  • Before submitting your account information, confirm your account settings and once confirmed, click the Submit button.

After you have submitted your setup settings and information, you may have to wait for a few minutes or a few hours before you can start to use your Managed Hosting web account.

How much does a managed hosting web account cost?

Prices for managed hosting generally vary from the low of $30 per month to high of a few hundreds of dollars per month?