On a technical point of view, managed hosting is ideal for any website. This is because it is the responsibility of the service providers to provide you with the service that is suitable to your websites needs. Some service providers’ technical teams work in tandem with your websites to developers to better understand the needs of your website and its applications.

In what way does Managed hosting be good for my website?

Managed hosting can be good for your website in a lot of ways, both on a technical point of view and on an economic point of view. The following are:

  • Your website will most likely be provided with a service that is suitable for your needs;
  • You need not spend for the upgrade of your hardware or of purchasing additional hardware and software, as these are taken cared of by the service provider;
  • You’ll have the assurance that your website will be up and running as it is guaranteed of the regular and constant monitoring, fine-tuning and optimization from the service provider’s technical service and experienced webmasters;
  • If you are a small-sized company, you will enjoy the benefit of running your company with lesser employees since the service provider takes care of the task of operating the website for you;
  • If you chose a partial managed plan, you will have the access and control to your website since you are required to perform some administrative functions for the maintenance of your website;
  • You will have the wide range of choices to choose from when it comes to the prices that services providers offer, from the lowest priced low-end managed to the highest priced high-end managed hosting;

I am a small-sized company, what benefits can I expect from a Managed Hosting account that can help my company?

There are numerous benefits that a small-sized company may get from a Managed Hosting account. First, the low-end managed hosting accounts are offered and sold cheap in the market, some to even as low as $30 per month, which means that you can have your website running on a low budget program. Though you may be asked to have your share of some administrative functions in maintaining your website, this may also come as an added benefit as you will have control and access to your website. This does not necessarily mean that small-sized companies can only benefit from the low-end hosting platforms sold in the market. High-end managed accounts, though more expensive than their low-end counterparts, requiring websites to shell-out higher overhead costs and higher budgetary requirements, eventually becomes beneficial economically since you will be spared the costs of hiring employees to run and maintain the website for you. This is aside from the fact that your website is receiving the total attention and service from people who knows the job they are doing.

What services should I expect from a Managed Hosting account that would be beneficial to my website?

These are the services that every website should expect from a Managed Hosting service provider:

  • Your website will receive a 24x7x365 support and round-the-clock care and monitoring from experts in the business;
  • Initial server setup;
  • The service provider will install the Operating System for you;
  • The service provider will install the required Control Panel fro you;
  • A free DNS setup;
  • Free SSL Certificate setup;
  • A free Domain Name setup;
  • System administration and troubleshooting;
  • Full and total Security service using the latest anti-virus software and scanning system;
  • Patching Services for your operating system including official updates, bug fixes and security patches;
  • Rapid response to configuration issues;
  • Rapid response to data center, network issues and monitoring alerts.