Most types of hosting allows for a lot of leeway with their services. Some may allow for other scripts, for example, or might let your server have another type of control panel. For Microsoft Frontpage Server Extensions, the main idea is the same, in that it is an extra add-on to your hosting provider’s strengths.

What is FrontPage?

It is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor for HTML. It has been discontinued since the release of Windows 2003, but some still use it as a website administration tool. On 2006, it has been replaced by Sharepoint Designer, which is also from Microsoft, and thus it is also allowed in Windows.

MS FrontPage allows users to create interactive web sites without needing to learn scripting languages. For users who do not have any experience creating website, but would still like to make their own, MS FrontPage gives them extra support and guidance. The 2003 version also supports ASP, so this allows for dynamic scripting.

What are Extensions?

These are small programs or add-ons that upgrade functions in your browser. While extensions are very useful nowadays, they weren’t as common back then. Thus the MS FrontPage extensions don’t give much support other than the bare requirements that are needed for creating the web page. Fortunately for the user, this is the most that they need to use the Extension with the web hosting provider.

What does the MS FrontPage Extension do?

These are software that allows you to store scripts and place them on your web site without the need for advanced programing languages or scripting. However, you would need the FrontPage Extension to be installed by the web hosting service on your server before they can function correctly, or else they will not work.

Why do people need it?

As mentioned before, it allows for novices to create whole web pages without the need for learning a new language. It also has several features that allow for advanced use, and creates whole scripts for your benefit. It is easy and simple, and don’t require much learning to start using. They even have set page templates, which reduces the time required to create one from scratch. And it could include several other MS Office files within the web pages. However, since Microsoft stopped production in 2003, the list of hosting services that supported it trickled down to only a few. Also, it is mostly limited to only Internet Explorer, which is a big downer for most of the current users who prefer Firefox or Chrome.

What functions does MS FrontPage support?

These are just some of the things that you can create within your web page MS FrontPage. With these, you can just submit it to your server and they will handle all the rest.

  • Forms
  • Search Box
  • Discussion Form
  • Hit Counter
  • Multiple Users
  • Remote Control

Which servers provide MS FrontPage Extensions?

While FrontPage is virtually an obsolete program for several web hosting providers, some very considerate providers still provide support for a price. The ones on this list are the most popular of these web hosting providers, and they also offer several other packages along with MS FrontPage Extensions.

  • iPage – One of the most popular on most lists, iPage offers you support for both Windows and Linux, and provides unlimited storage and traffic at the same time.
  • FatCow – They have a good Control Panel and reliable security that never sleeps. They also provide unlimited storage for a lower price.
  • Justhost – One of the cheapest packages for hosting providers, JustHost offers unlimited storage with their 99.9% uptime guarantee and a money back guarantee, along with a 3 minute hold time guarantee for customer support.
  • Hostmonster – Having been present since 1996, Hostmonster knows the ins and outs of web hosting, and has the records to prove it. They also have a good control panel and 24/7 support.
  • Ixwebhosting – They support both Linux and Windows, and offer unlimited storage and bandwidth, with unlimited domains and a free domain name. They also have 24/7 toll-free customer support.