The Current Trend

The internet is a good place to start letting the world know of your products and services. Since we are living in the age where technology plays a key role in everyday living, building your website and uploading it in the internet is very important for the marketing of your business. According to a survey, internet usage percentage in the world has grown a lot. In 1995, only .4% of the world’s population were internet users but by March 2013, 38.8% of the human population has been using the internet. Connecting with people through the internet is one of the practicable ways of promoting what you have to offer.

The Need for a Website

Creating a website is very important for you and here are some of the reasons why:

  • If you create a good website, it will be the best tool to promote your business. You can let people look at your business from their homes without the need to go to your store. The better your website looks, the more lasting impression it has on your customers.
  • The internet never closes. This means that your business will always be open to customers at any point of time. Your customers will be accorded with the privilege of not anymore waiting for your store to open; they can immediately make orders whenever they want.
  • If you are planning in expanding your business, your presence on the internet is a very powerful method. You can reach people outside of your locale and create a whole new market.
  • If you are still starting your business, a website will save you more money than renting premises for the promotion of your business.

Steps in Uploading a Website

After designing your website the challenge of uploading it comes. Your website needs to be uploaded in a server in order to gain visibility on the internet. The following are the steps in uploading a website to a server:

  • Search on the internet for different alternatives in creating a website.
    Choose one that is suited for your skill level.
  • Find a web host.
    A web host is one that publishes your website on the internet so that it can be viewed by internet users. There are a lot of web hosts out there and you have to pick carefully. You might want to consider the following in choosing your web host:

    – The amount of web space you will need for your website
    – Speed and reliability
    – Availability of its technical support

    There are many web hosts out there and some offer free hosting space for their clients while others require minimal fee.

  • Creating your website.
    You will not be required to finish your website before uploading. You can add information and more web pages on your website as the need arises.
  • Download a File Transfer Protocol application.
    The FTP application is used to upload data to servers.
  • Install the File Transfer Protocol application.
  • Using the FTP application, connect to your web host.
    You will be asked to provide your username, password and server information. All these data are provided by your web host.
  • On your computer, open the FTP client.
    Two windows will be displayed on your screen called the FTP transfer. You will need to select the files for your website on your computer. Click and drag the files to the other window displaying the files on the web server.
  • Ensure that all data files are successfully loaded in your web browser.

Usual Problem Encountered when Uploading a Website

Usually, the common problem when uploading a website is when the client cannot view the files that he uploaded on the online website. The system may say that the files are being successfully uploaded but still you cannot view your website online. When you encounter this problem, try double checking if you are in the correct directory. You also might want to try another browser and clear your cache to troubleshoot. You also have the option to go ask your web host regarding the issue.