What is Dedicated Server Hosting?

A Dedicated Server Hosting service is a hosting service where the customer leases the entire server for himself. This means that all the resources of the entire server are dedicated to one client alone, that’s why the name dedicated server hosting. As you do not get to share any of the resources to other users, you are assured of total control over your server, including the choice of the operating system and even the hardware. With the CPU and the RAM all for yourself, you are also assured of a much better and more reliable server performance.

Basically, there are two types of dedicated server hosting: the managed and the unmanaged. Managed dedicated server hosting is when the hosting provider takes of everything in your server, save for some technical jobs while unmanaged dedicated server hosting means that the service provider simply leases the server to you and leaves everything in your care. However, under both types, the provider still owns the server and he gets to decide when to upgrade what.

What benefits and drawbacks does Dedicated Server hosting bring?

Not all companies can enjoy the benefits of a Dedicated Server hosting, especially when it comes to package price as it is considerably higher compared to shared hosting and VPS hosting. However, though it may be more expensive compared to others, companies the offer media-intensive and resource-intensive content and expects heavy traffic volume in their sites can benefit a lot from dedicated server hosting. These are some of these benefits:

  • With the whole server resources on your side, you are assured of better server reliability and performance. You are also assured that you will get the resources you need anytime you need it,
  • With no one else to share your server with, you are given full Root/Administrative access to your server. Shared hosting clients do not get to enjoy this benefit. Access allows you to install programs and perform customized configurations to fit to your needs as well as allow you to monitor the usage of your server resources.
  • Having your server safely locked in a well-monitored, climate controlled environment in the provider’s data center is a good assurance that your data is safely store. And without the need to share the server with other users also mean better security against malicious software and other forms of attack that might affect your server.
  • Last but not least, you are assured of more control and flexibility over your server. Plus you have the option to let the provider manage everything for you or you opt to manage everything yourself with your own team.

One major drawback of Dedicated Server hosting is its package price. Compared to other hosting packages, dedicated hosting is considered as the most expensive. This is the reason why not all companies, especially small businesses find it hard to enjoy the power of dedicated server hosting. It may not be a disadvantage to some big-time companies, but it sure is a disadvantage for others.

What do I get with my dedicated server hosting plan?

In an effort to outdo other companies, most companies offer something in their plan that is not found in other plans. However, for the purpose of presenting what clients get from a dedicated server hosting plan, presented here is the average of what is commonly offered by almost all hosting packages, including the package price. This takes into consideration the lowest priced plan.

  • Package Price: Ranging from $115-$120/month
  • CPU : Intel Core E2220/5400 2.4 GHz 2 cores
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Cache: 2MB
  • Storage: 2 x 160GB 7.2K SATA2
  • Bandwidth: 4TB
  • cPanel
  • Money-back guarantee

Is dedicated server hosting good for me?

If you are not expecting a lot of traffic for your website and if your website does not handle a media-rich and resource-rich content, Dedicated server hosting is NOT for you. However, if your website experiences a lot of heavy traffic daily while handling heavy, media rich content that needs the full resources of a server to keep it up and going smoothly, then Dedicated Server Hosting is the right hosting package for you.