Privacy Policy

Webhosting Price Watch Privacy Policy

We put our readers’ privacy at the top of our priority list. The Webhosting Price Watch team is 100% committed to giving our end-users, clients, and contributors with the security and privacy that they deserve. We make sure that we abide by all of the guidelines in this industry. We also make a commitment to monitor our methods of operations and management to ensure that we maintain our company’s integrity and reputation. As part of that commitment, we have this policy in order to assure you of how we plan to protect your privacy.

Procedure regarding Information collection

It is a given that any information you provide our team will be used strictly in a legal and lawful manner. All the information that you provide that will enable us to identify you as a user of our website will be handled in accordance with this privacy policy. Should any changes in this policy be enacted, we will do our best to inform you immediately. However, it is advisable that you check the policy occasionally to check for updates.

Webhosting Price Watch will never ask you to give us your sensitive personal information without an clear permission from you. Sensitive personal information in this policy pertains to:

  • your name
  • your electronic mail address

We also collect non-sensitive data regarding your website use using cookies. This is an industry-standard practice that nearly all websites do. The information we get through this method enable us to understand our website visitors better, making it easier for us to assess which of our pages get visited most and least often.

Procedures for using the information that we have collected

Webhosting Price Watch asks for our visitors’ email addresses so that the company can send them promotional correspondence. However, we promise never to send unsolicited emails. You will only receive such material if you double-opted for it explicitly. In addition, we will never give (sell, share, rent) your email addressed. The only way another party could get their hands on your personal information is when it is required from us by law. Passing of information to third-parties will never occur without your agreement. An example of this circumstance is when your contribution qualifies you to receive prizes from other companies when you join our promotions. By agreeing to the terms of the promo, we are obliged to share your details with the company who will be giving the prizes.

Besides sending promotional materials, here are other reasons why we would ask for your information:

  • We use them to make our services better
  • To contact you when you request for technical support
  • To send you newsletters (requires double opt-in)
  • To improve user experience

It is also important to note that we utilize all aggregate, non-identifying data to improve our website design. We also use the information to help our advertizers. Rest assured that the disclosed information couldn’t be used to identify our specific visitors. If you change your mind regarding your agreement to have us use your personal information, just contact us immediately.

Procedures regarding Security

Webhosting Price Watch is dedicated to ensuring that your information stays secure. To prevent any unauthorized disclosure or access, we placed appropriate electronic and physical safeguards as well as managerial procedures. These measures are sufficient to keep all collected information secure.

Procedures on using your IP Address

Webhosting Price Watch will only use your IP address for these reasons:

  • to tailor our services and website to optimize user experience
  • to get user data and traffic information for Google Analytics

In short, we are only using it in order to make the website serve the readers better.

Procedures in using Cookies

Cookies are files that seek your permission to be placed in the hard drive of your computer. These files enable web applications to react to you in a customized manner. The applications can modify their operations to fit your preferences by looking at the information gleaned from your Internet activities.

Webhosting Price Watch uses cookies on usability and analytics tools like:

  • Google Analytics

It is important to note that the cookies cannot grant entities access to the computer/s that you are using nor can it collect personal information that you do not willingly share.

If you do not wish to take advantage of this option, you may change the setting of your browser to prevent cookies from being used.

Procedures regarding External Links

Webhosting Price watch has links connecting our website to others. Since we cannot control the behavior of the people running the mentioned websites or the content that it has, we cannot be held responsible for the protection and safekeeping of all the information which you will provide while you are on those websites. External websites are not covered by our privacy policy.

In summary, the Webhosting Price Watch team promise that:

  • We will never collect personal information, yours or anyone else’s (name, address, email address, etc.) without explicit permission from you;
  • We will only send you emails that are promotional in nature only if you double opted for it;
  • We will never sell, rent, or share your information unless you grant us permission or if the UK law requires them.