Shared Hosting vs Dedicated Hosting Plans

Hosting services are beneficial for the improvement and development of your website. These services will make your website productive and stable. As a result more profits and revenues for your business…

There are many types of hosting services namely free hosting, shared web hosting, dedicated hosting, and managed hosting, among others. Among the popular and preferred hosting services by the users are the shared hosting and dedicated hosting. Small to medium sized businesses, websites with low to medium traffic, personal, and company websites choose shared web hosting and dedicated hosting. However these two services differ from one another and they are applied according to their purposes and circumstances. It is also in your discretion on what hosting service are you going to choose.

How shared web hosting plan differs from dedicated hosting plan?

Shared web hosting plan differs from dedicated hosting plan on their features and costs.

With shared web hosting plan many websites share a single server. They also share the same Internet Protocol (IP) address, displace, and bandwidth transfer. However with dedicated hosting plans you do not share a server with anyone else. You have your own rented server with own Internet Protocol (IP) address. Dedicated hosting service is also housed in data centre while the shared hosting can be managed by web hosting providers and you are also provided with a control panel that can develop and manage your website. Dedicated hosting plans are more flexible than shared web hosting plans.

They also differ in costs. Shared web hosting plan is cheaper on the other hand dedicated hosting plan is more expensive.

Why do most users choose shared web hosting plan?

Shared web hosting plan and service is the most popular and the most chosen web hosting service by the users. One reason is its affordable cost. With a reasonable cost your website whether it is a personal, blog, or company website can be created and promoted in the World Wide Web. The costs of shared web hosting service range from $1.00 to $16.00 per month.

What are the benefits of shared web hosting service and dedicated hosting service?

As mentioned above one of the greatest benefit of shared web hosting is its affordable cost. Another thing is with shared web hosting you have an absolute control of your website in regards to upgrading the hardware and installing software.

The good thing about dedicated hosting is that you own your server and it is housed in data centre. This means you will be provided with good internet connection, good traffic flow, complete server facilities, and security. You also get the same level of bandwidth transfer and storage. You also have control on the technical work and maintenance of your server.

What are the drawbacks of shared web hosting and dedicated hosting plans?

Since you shared a server with many websites in shared web hosting, the traffic of your website will be slowed down. There is also a limit on the use of bandwidth, disk space and other resources. The web hosting provider will remove your website if you exceed to the limit of the use of bandwidth transfer and disk space. Another drawback is the additional cost in hiring technician to do the troubleshooting in case you are not knowledgeable on IT issues and troubleshooting.

On the other hand, the major drawback of dedicated hosting is the cost. Dedicated hosting is more expensive than the shared web hosting. Just like the shared web hosting you will also have extra cost for technician if you are not good in handling troubleshooting.

In choosing whether shared web hosting or dedicated web hosting service, it all depends on your circumstances. If you are saving money you can opt for shared web hosting plan on the other hand if you after saving time you can opt for dedicated hosting plan.

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