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Webhosting Price Watch Terms of Use

This page is written solely for the purpose of defining how we use certain information on the website. The terms of use can also give you a better understanding regarding our services, content, and policies and allow you to set your expectations accordingly.

To begin with, by deciding to use this website, you have agreed to Webhosting Price Watch’s terms of use. For any concerns and clarifications, you may call or email us:

Use of the website / Warranties / License

Any body who goes and views the Webhosting Price Watch website shall be known as our “customer”. It is taken that the customers of Webhosting Price Watch are of legal age and are free to use the website. Moreover, the company assumes that the customers are allowed and capable of entering into this agreement with Webhosting Price Watch with regards to our services and terms (this and succeeding revisions of the terms in the future). Webhosting Price Watch allows customers to view the website only for personal purposes. All use must be non-commercial in nature. This permission is applicable provided that the customer retains all proprietary and copyright notices found in the website’s contents. Copying of the contents on and decompiling the information on this website in order to create another website, particularly for commercial reasons, is prohibited.

Advice / Liability

As a customer, your use of the material that you will find on our website shall be on your own risk. The website content is intended for information purposes only. It is not meant as a legal advice and cannot be used to replace legal counsel. Various distinctive factors of your situation can affect the website content’s applicability. The company, its subsidiaries, affiliates, and personnel, or any individual involved in the creation and operations of this website cannot be held liable for consequential damages (direct, indirect, third-party) arising from the customers’ use of the Webhosting Price Watch website.

The content found on the website has been provided by our writers. The team is made up of individuals who are highly knowledgeable in the field of web hosting. The reviews posted on our website were created by these people in order to inform. Furthermore, the reviews are based on our writers’ personal experiences with the hosting service provider. It is not meant to be the basis of the customer’s decisions in picking out a web host. For the purpose of transparency, it should be noted that Webhosting Price Watch gets compensation from the companies that were reviewed on the site.

Content Accuracy

The Webhosting Price Watch team does its best to keep the accuracy and completeness of the information on the website at 100%. However, we cannot provide any implied or expressed warranty towards this.

Ownership, Copyright, and Trademark

Webhosting Price Watch claims ownership of the following:

  • Titles found on the site
  • Brands
  • Images
  • Logos
  • Contents posted on the website

The following are owned by our partners:

  • technologies trademarked by 3rd party partners
  • slogans, brands, and logos that are linked to the Webhosting Price Watch website

All the materials on the website are copyrighted. They cannot be used without the company’s explicit permission.Unauthorized use of these materials may violate trademark and/or copyright laws. Please email our team [email protected] for concerns regarding or requests to use the aforementioned.


Any use of the Internet, including any form of communication done over it, is subject to security volatilities such as loss, interception or alteration. Upon using the website, the customer agrees that Webhosting Price Watch cannot be made liable for damages resulting from transmission of sensitive and/or confidential data over the Internet. Any communications shall be done at the customer’s risk.

For a detailed discussion on Webhosting Price Watch’s policies regarding privacy, please click on the Privacy Policy link.

Linked Websites

Customers of Webhosting Price Watch are strongly advised to exercise precaution when clicking on links that will lead to external pages or websites outside of www.sitename.com. This is due to the fact that Webhosting Price Watch does not have any control over the said contents. Here are our policies regarding linked websites:

  • The company cannot and does not vouch for the accuracy of any information posted in external websites. Relying on such information shall be done at the customer’s discretion.
  • Reviews found on the website should not be taken as an endorsement of their products and/or services. Links to websites of hosting service providers are posted only for the purpose of informing the customers.
  • External links found on the comments are considered external links and are subject to the policies in this section.


The aforementioned rules and policies are applicable to anyone with no exceptions. Any legal concerns must be submitted by email to [email protected]